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property, Cahill explained that the referenced project would be scheduled for a public <br /> hearing and it would be appropriate to review the issue at that time. Staff would request <br /> an arborist's report on the health of the trees. Cahill added that there was no Town <br /> ordinance that could support a request from the Town for the applicant to remove the <br /> trees if they were healthy. <br /> 4. CONSENT CALENDAR <br /> Items Removed: 4.2 (Jones)4.5 (O'Malley) <br /> MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Mordo, seconded by Warshawsky <br /> and passed unanimously to approve the remainder of the Consent Calendar, specifically: <br /> 4.1 Approval of Minutes: Regular City Council Meeting July 7, 2005 <br /> 4.3 Award of Contract 2005 Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation and Storm Drain <br /> Improvement Project—Reso#75-05 <br /> 4.4 Grant of Open Space Easements; Lands of Zhu and Xu; 24910 La Loma Court <br /> Reso#76-05 <br /> Items Removed: <br /> 4.2 Review of Disbursements: 7/14/2005—7/26/2005 $579,444.22 <br /> • Councilmember Jones requested clarification on the item. City Manager Cassingham <br /> noted that all items in the disbursement report had been previously discussed or were <br /> within the approved budget. <br /> MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Jones, seconded by O'Malley and <br /> passed unanimously to approve Item 4.2 Review of Disbursements with Mayor Kerr <br /> abstaining from the payments to TBI identified on page 4 of the report. <br /> 4.5 Approval of Consultant Agreement for Evaluation of Wildlife Corridors <br /> Reso#77-05 <br /> Councilmember O'Malley requested additional information on the credentials of the <br /> consultant that was being considered to develop the wildlife corridor map. He noted that <br /> it was imperative that the work be credible for the map to be accepted as a resource for <br /> future planning issues. Planning Director Cahill noted that the firm had worked with the <br /> Town previously and the Open Space Committee had reviewed their work. They had <br /> participated in the Open Space Symposium that was sponsored by the Town. <br /> Council discussion ensued regarding the agreement and scope of services. Roger Spreen, <br /> Open Space Committee Chair, explained that his Committee and the Environmental <br /> Protection Committee would work closely with the consultant to ensure that his/her time <br /> was used appropriately and to ensure that resident input on wildlife passage and corridors <br /> • in Town was credible. Council consensus was to schedule a public meeting to garner <br /> resident comment on the map. <br /> 3 <br /> City Council Special Meeting Minutes <br /> August 3,2005 <br />