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comments and then it would be dire <br /> cted to the Planning Commission for the appropriate <br /> Public Hearings and back to Council for their final approval. Kerr clarified that the EPA <br /> • "Energy Star Program" was the bases for the draft ordinance. PG&E was assisting the <br /> Committee to determine if this would be suitable for the implementation of energy saving <br /> measures for large residential homes. <br /> 5.1.2 Bringing Public Education Back to the Hills <br /> Kerr deferred discussion of this item to the agenda items scheduled for consideration later <br /> in the meeting that were applicable to Bringing Public Education Back to the Hills. <br /> 5.2 New Town Hall Budget Reconciliation <br /> Mayor Kerr explained that any items relating to TBI Management had been redacted from <br /> the budget reconciliation that was before Council for their consideration. Costs relating <br /> to TBI Mangement would be considered separately as agenda item 5.2.1. <br /> Tony Vierra, Project Manager, TBI Construction, provided an overview of the budget <br /> reconciliation spreadsheet with Council. It had been divided into two main categories: 1) <br /> Project Budget Status and 2) Other Project Related Costs. Vierra noted that item 2 was <br /> comprised of costs not included in the $4.2 million budget. He reviewed the amendments <br /> to the original budget and noted that some costs were still in negotiation with contractors <br /> and $7,000 had been allotted for pending expenses. <br /> Mayor Kerr explained that there would be separate consideration at a later date of the <br /> Broadcast System project but that an allowance had been included in the budget as a <br /> "place holder." <br /> Councilmember O'Malley offered that the Council and the New Town Hall Committee <br /> had reviewed the budget and costs in great detail on numerous occasions. <br /> Mayor Kerr congratulated former Mayor O'Malley's fundraising efforts for the New <br /> Town Hall, noting that $47,000 had been donated to date and included in the budget. He <br /> suggested that the funds could be directed to additional landscaping and landscape <br /> lighting identified as pending under item H "Landscaping & Irrigation" in the <br /> spreadsheet. <br /> MOTION SECONDED AND APPROVED: Moved by O'Malley, seconded by <br /> Warshawsky and approved by the following roll call vote to adopt the Resolution No. 69- <br /> 05 "Approving New Town Hall Budget Reconciliation" and Resolution No. 70-05 <br /> "Approving Contractor Change Orders for the New Town Hall." <br /> AYES: Mayor Kerr,Mayor Pro Tem Warshawsky, Councilmember Jones, <br /> Councilmember Mordo and Councilmember O'Malley <br /> NOES: None <br /> ABSENT: None <br /> ABSTAIN: None <br /> • <br /> 3 <br /> City Council Meeting Minutes <br /> July 21,2005 <br />