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5.1.1 a TBI Update <br /> • Tony Vierra, TBI Construction, addressed Council. He reported that staff had visited the <br /> site and provided input on their workspaces. Vierra was working with the utilities for <br /> service to the building including Comcast, PG&E, Purissima Hills Water, XO and SBC. <br /> He noted that the interior framing was progressing and the ductwork, electrical work and <br /> window installation were moving forward. Vierra added that he was working on the <br /> procurement of the Audio Visual and landscaping bid. He had met with the Chair of the <br /> Town's Emergency Communications Committee to assist them in relocating their <br /> flagpole antenna away from the solar panels. <br /> 5.1.2 Identify and Fund Underground Project <br /> Councilmember Warshawsky reported that the Subcommittee had scheduled their project <br /> "kick-off" meeting for February 15, 2005 at the Purissima Road undergrounding site. <br /> Surveying for the project would begin shortly thereafter. <br /> 5.1.3 Complete Master Pathway Map <br /> Councilmember Warshawsky reported that the Pathways Committee had extended <br /> invitations to the Planning Commissioners, and Councilmembers to attend their next <br /> regularly scheduled meeting on January 24, 2005. The Committee would provide an <br /> overview of the map update process and background for their recommendations to the <br /> attendees. The Public Hearings on the map have been scheduled for February 10, 2005 <br /> before the Planning Commission and March 8, 2005 before Council and March 9, 2005, <br /> if additional time is required. Warshawsky noted that a town-wide notice of the meetings <br /> had been mailed. <br /> 5.2 Discussion of Refuse Vehicle Fuel and Emission Reduction-John Zirelli, <br /> General Manager, Los Altos Garbage Company <br /> Mayor Pro Tem Kerr introduced this item to Council. He provided a brief overview of <br /> the Town's Bay Area Air Quality Management District grant for retrofitting devices that <br /> would reduce nitrous oxides on the refuse vehicles that operate in the Town. Kerr <br /> explained that when Los Altos Garbage Company appeared before Council requesting <br /> support for the grant, he had asked for additional information on alternate fuels and bio- <br /> diesel fuels for the refuse vehicles. Kerr noted that since LAGCo was a significant <br /> service provider to the Town and their vehicles were significant users of fuel, this <br /> discussion was an important step in his proposed Green Energy Initiative for Los Altos <br /> Hills. Kerr advised that additional research and discussion on the issue of fuels would be <br /> required. <br /> John Zirelli, General Manager, Los Altos Garbage Company, addressed Council. LAGCo <br /> representatives Joe Renati and Mike King were available to Council to answer questions. <br /> Zirelli explained that he had been exploring the options for vehicle fuel reduction. They <br /> included; bio-diesel fuel, natural gas engines and a possible reduction in the number of <br /> trucks used for service. Zirelli noted that the company supported the use of bio-diesel <br /> fuel, however the new State Law ARB that mandated the use of an emission device <br /> 4 <br /> City Council Meeting Minutes <br /> January 20,2005 <br />