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i <br /> Council thanked Mr. Goldie and expressed their appreciation to the members of the <br /> Collaborative Group for their resolve to bring a successful resolution to the Adobe Creek <br /> • restoration. <br /> MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Warshawsky, seconded by <br /> Fenwick and passed unanimously to adopt and approve Resolution 72-04 accepting the <br /> Adobe Creek Upper Reach 5 Restoration Project Collaborative Principles. <br /> 2.2 Certificates of Appreciation—Rick Ellinger, Joint Volunteer Awards <br /> Committee; Fred Fallah, Pathways Committee <br /> Mayor O'Malley announced that the City Council was awarding Certificates of <br /> Appreciation to Standing Committee member Fred Fallah, Pathways Committee, and <br /> Rick Ellinger, Joint Volunteer Awards Committee member. Council congratulated the <br /> recipients and thanked them for their service to the community. <br /> 3. PLANNING COMMISSION REPORT <br /> Planning Director Carl Cahill reported that the Planning Commission had not met since <br /> the last City Council meeting. Cahill updated the Council on the Campbell-Ligeti house <br /> deconstruction. He explained that the process had begun and erosion control measures <br /> had been installed. Because they are attempting to salvage some of the material, the <br /> process to dismantle the structure was expected to take several weeks. Cahill added that <br /> he had attended the Santa Clara County Public Hearing on the Draft EIR for the S 1 trail. <br /> • He reported that, at this time, it appeared that County staffwas recommending the S 1-C <br /> trail. Cahill noted that this option would have the least impact on the Town. .Cahill <br /> informed Council of an additional item that related to pathways that involved an effort by <br /> the Mid Peninsula Open Space District to obtain easements and open a trail through <br /> Foothills Park that would be open to the public. The Park is currently only open to Palo <br /> Alto residents. He would be attending a meeting later this month with the District and <br /> would forward any update to Council. <br /> 4. CONSENT CALENDAR <br /> MOTION SECONDED AND,CARRIED: Moved by Warshawsky, seconded by Fenwick <br /> and passed unanimously to approve the Consent Calendar, specifically: <br /> 4.1 Approval of Minutes: Regular City Council Meeting October 21, 2004 <br /> 4.2 Review of Disbursements: 10/15/2004- 10/29/2004 $771,421.58 <br /> 4.3 Approval of an Agreement with Collection Systems Maintenance Service for <br /> Sewer Line Preventive and Emergency Maintenance-Resolution No. 73-04 <br /> 4.4 Approval of Public Facilities Fee Program Annual Report <br /> Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2004 <br /> 4.5 Certificate of Correction, Tract No. 1286—Lands of Yu; 14329 Miranda Way <br /> 2 City Council Meeting Minutes <br /> November 4,2004 <br />