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2.2b Community Relations Committee <br /> • Council had before them a letter from Karen Emerzian, Community Relations Committee <br /> member,requesting reappointment to the Committee. <br /> MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Warshawsky, seconded by Cheng <br /> and passed unanimously to reappoint Karen Emerzian to the Community Relations <br /> Community for a term of four years. <br /> 3. PLANNING COMMISSION REPORT <br /> Planning Director Carl Cahill summarized the Planning Commission meeting of June 10, <br /> 4 e <br /> 200 for Council. Th Comnussion considered two public hearing items: Lands of <br /> Nicholson and Yang, a request for a lot line adjustment and Lands of Thurston, a request <br /> for a site development permit to encroach into the setback. Cahill noted that the Planning <br /> Commission had denied the request for the variance and recommended approval of the lot <br /> line adjustment. It would be forwarded to Council at their next meeting for consideration. <br /> Cahill reported that the Planning Commission had discussed the pathway map hearing <br /> process with Chris Vargas, Pathways Committee Chair and had concluded that they <br /> would like the Committee to take initial comments from the public prior to the hearings <br /> before the Planning Commission. They agreed that the Committee would be better <br /> qualified to facilitate the early meetings; they are more knowledgeable of the map and <br /> have the best understanding of the supporting reasons for the revisions. <br /> • 4. CONSENT CALENDAR <br /> Item Removed: Item 4.1 (Fenwick) <br /> MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Cheng, seconded by Warshawsky <br /> and passed unanimously,to approve the remainder of the consent calendar, specifically; <br /> 4.2 Review of Disbursements: 05/26/2004—06/9/2004 $29,944.15 <br /> 4.3 Award of Contracts for the New Town Hall Project Reso 433-04 <br /> 4.4 Adoption of Cable System Regulatory Ordinance 435 <br /> 4.5 Approval of a Resolution Modifying the Job Description of Youth <br /> Commissioner for the Town of Los Altos Hills Reso#34-04 <br /> 4.6 Approval of an Amendment to AB939 Agency Agreement for Countywide <br /> Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program Reso#35-04 <br /> 4.7 Approval of a Third Extension of Cable Franchise Agreement Between the <br /> Town of Los Altos Hills and Comcast <br /> 4.8 Approval of Resolution Authorizing the Town to Apply for a Grant from the <br /> Packard Foundation for the Green Energy Program Reso#36-04 <br /> • <br /> 3 City Council Special Meeting Minutes <br /> June 16,2004 <br />