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4.6 Approval of a Resolution Establishing Dawnridge Drive as a Preferential <br /> Parking District as Defined in Ordinance No. 432. <br /> • Sandy Mingia, Dawnridge Drive, thanked Council for their efforts with establishing the <br /> Preferential Parking Ordinance. She explained that the residents on her street are asking <br /> that the resolution before Council establishing Dawnridge Drive as a preferential parking <br /> district be modified to restrict parking on their street 24 hours a day, seven days a week. <br /> For clarification, City Attorney Mattas explained that Dawnridge Drive is a private street <br /> and the costs of signage will be born by the residents. <br /> MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by O'Malley, seconded by Fenwick <br /> and passed unanimously to amend the resolution to read: Section 1. The City Council <br /> hereby establishes a preferential parking area for Dawnridge Drive, Los Altos Hills, <br /> effective every day between the hours of 8am and Sam(twenty-four hours). <br /> MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by O'Malley, seconded by <br /> Warshawsky and passed unanimously to approve Resolution 12-04 as amended <br /> establishing a preferential parking area(Dawnridge Drive). <br /> 5. UNFINISHED BUSINESS <br /> 5.1 Update on Mayor's Goals <br /> 5.1.1 New Town Hall—Status Report <br /> • Councilmember Kerr reported that Council had before them a Town Hall project update <br /> prepared by Tony Mirenda, TBI Construction Management. Mirenda will be providing a <br /> summary report to Council at each meeting. Kerr presented an overview of the report <br /> explaining that the firm had begun preparation of the bid packages and they expect to <br /> develop 20 bid divisions; construction documents are expected to completed by the <br /> architect March 31St; TBI is looking at possible alternative approaches to the foundation <br /> to reduce costs; and they will be meeting with a solar consultant in the immediate future <br /> to review the design schemes. <br /> 5.1.1 a Report on the Green Energy Program and the CEC Loan for <br /> Energy Efficiency Projects <br /> Councilmember Kerr reported that he had received the loan package from the California <br /> Energy Commission for the Energy Conservation Assistance Loan in the amount of <br /> $160,000 for the Town Hall project. The loan terms are 15 years payback at 3.95% <br /> interest. Loan payments will be made from the energy cost savings from the <br /> implementation of the program. Kerr explained as a result of comments from the Town <br /> Hall Committee at their last meeting, he had modified the solar proposal and with staff's <br /> assistance had prepared a power point presentation to explain the key elements and <br /> energy options being considered for the Town Hall project. Kerr noted that some of the <br /> elements defined in the presentation potentially might not be incorporated into the <br /> program. He is presently working on the design for the ground mounted solar panels <br /> including their aesthetics and screening. <br /> 3 City Council Meeting Minutes <br /> March 18,2004 <br />