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4.2 Review of Disbursements: 02/12/2004—02/25/2004 $117,272.95 <br /> 4.3 State Budget Update <br /> 4.4 Adoption of an Ordinance Amending Title 5 of the Municipal Code by <br /> Amending Chapter 5 Entitled"Soliciting and Peddling" <br /> 4.5 Notification of Fast Track Approval: A Request for a Site Development <br /> Permit for a New Single Story Residence with an attached 1,000 square foot <br /> Secondary Dwelling Unit and Swimming Pool, Lands of Kita, 24931 Oneonta <br /> Drive <br /> 4.7 Resolution Designating April "Child Abuse Awareness Month"— <br /> Mayor Cheng—Resolution No. 9-04 <br /> 4.8 Approval of Contract of Contract Work by Collection Systems Maintenance <br /> Service for 2004 Sanitary Sewer Cleaning and Video Inspection <br /> Item Removed: <br /> 4.6 State of the City Address-Annual Summary of Town Projects and Activities <br /> March 6, 2003 to Date <br /> Mayor Pro Tem O'Malley explained that he had requested this item be removed from the <br /> Consent Calendar for separate consideration to afford him the opportunity to congratulate <br /> the City Manager and Staff on the wealth of projects that had been completed last year. <br /> • He added that this speaks well of the Town Staff and the Mayor for a very successful <br /> year. <br /> City Manager Cassingham thanked O'Malley and explained that it was a true team effort. <br /> MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by O'Malley, seconded by Fenwick <br /> and passed unanimously to receive and file the Annual Summary of Town Projects and <br /> Activities March 6, 2003 to Date. <br /> 5. UNFINISHED BUSINESS <br /> 5.1 Update on Mayor's Goals <br /> 5.1.1 New Town Hall—Status Report <br /> Councilmember Kerr reported that he had begun negotiations with the Los Altos School <br /> District for lease of Bullis School as temporary quarters for Town Hall and staff. The <br /> talks have been positive. He is requesting a lease term of a minimum eight months and <br /> maximum fifteen months. <br /> Kerr added that he had received notification that the Town's Green Energy Program - <br /> hadbeen approved for the CEC Energy Efficiency Financing Program loan in the amount <br /> of $160,000. He will provide Council with more project details at the next Council <br /> meeting. <br /> 2 City Council Meeting Minutes <br /> March 4,2004 <br />