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5.1.1 a Consideration of an Agreement for Services between the <br /> Town of Los Altos Hills and Toeniskoetter&Breeding, Inc. <br /> • for Construction Management Services <br /> Mayor Pro Tem O'Malley explained that Council had before them an agreement between <br /> the Town of Los Altos Hills and TBI, Inc. for construction management services. The <br /> agreement is the result of negotiations between City Manager Cassingham, Benjamin <br /> Reyes-Assistant to City Attorney Steve Mattas, himself and Anthony Mirenda, President <br /> of TBI. He believes it is a good contract, very explicit and meets the project budget <br /> requirements. The proposed original contract price has been reduced by approximately <br /> $50,000. <br /> Council thanked O'Malley for his effort on the agreement. <br /> MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by O'Malley, seconded by Kerr and <br /> passed unanimously to adopt Resolution 10-04 authorizing an Agreement between the <br /> Town of Los Altos Hills and TBI Construction to provide construction management <br /> services for the new Town Hall project. <br /> 5.1.2 Undergrounding of Utilities—Status Report <br /> Councilmember Warshawsky reported that Godbe Research would begin their scientific <br /> survey today (March 3, 2004) and conclude the project on March 17, 2004. He expects <br /> the findings of the survey to determine if there is enough support from residents to place <br /> • the issue on the November Ballot. Warshawsky noted that the final Godbe report will be <br /> available in April, 2004. <br /> 5.1.3 Master Pathway Map—Status Report <br /> • Update on Town-wide Map Review Notification <br /> City Manager Cassingham noted that Pathways Committee Chairman Chris Vargas had <br /> requested the "Update on Town-wide Map Review Notification" be continued to the <br /> March 18, 2004 Regular City Council Meeting. Staff and the Committee are reviewing <br /> options for the purpose of notifying residents for the public participation process. <br /> Dot Schreiner, Path Map Group, reported that the group is reviewing several pages of <br /> Resolution Indices to garner and confirm path easement information. Schreiner added <br /> that Chris Vargas had scheduled a meeting with the Town's Assistant Engineer John <br /> Chau to discuss the path map identification method of the "layering" of easements. <br /> Schreiner noted that she and Carol Gottlieb would also attend the meeting. <br /> 5.1.4 Storm Water Master Plan— Status Report <br /> City Manager Cassingham reported that Nolte Consultants had identified twenty four(24) <br /> locations where storm drain improvements are recommended. Staff is reviewing the sites <br /> and will be prioritizing them by cost and need. Staff will be reporting back with <br /> • recommendations to Council on which locations should be considered for future CIP <br /> expenditures. <br /> 3 City Council Meeting Minutes <br /> March 4,2004 <br />