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5.1.5 Visit to China to Explore Business Opportunities—Status Report <br /> • Mayor Cheng reported that the trip was being finalized. There are twelve residents <br /> currently signed up to participate in the China trip and four additional residents have <br /> called and expressed interest in joining the group. A website will be available during the <br /> visit to monitor the group's travels and city visits. <br /> 6. NEW BUSINESS <br /> 6.1 Consideration of Appointment of Youth Commissioner <br /> Duffy Price, Community Relations Committee member, introduced Youth Commissioner <br /> applicant Wei Wei Liu to the Council. <br /> Ms. Liu addressed Council. She explained that she is very involved at her school and <br /> with volunteer commitments but would like to broaden her involvement on a local basis <br /> and looks forward to participating at the municipal level as the Town's Youth <br /> Commissioner. <br /> Jim Abraham, Viscaino Road, commented that he has know Wei Wei for many years and <br /> described her as a bright, talented, creative young person that would be an asset to the <br /> Town's volunteer program. He supported her appointment. <br /> Roy Woolsey, Committee Relations Committee Chairman, explained that Wei Wei had <br /> • attended the last Community Relations Committee meeting. The Committee had <br /> reviewed Resolution 23-89 that establishes the position of Youth Commissioner and <br /> believes it should be amended to increase responsibilities of the position and establish the <br /> Youth Commissioner as an Associate Member of the Community Relations Committee. <br /> They will be forwarding their recommendations to Council for consideration. <br /> MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by O'Malley, seconded by <br /> Warshawsky and passed unanimously to appoint Wei Wei Liu to the position of Youth <br /> Commissioner. <br /> Mayor Cheng thanked Ms. Liu for applying and welcomed her to the Town's position of <br /> Youth Commissioner. <br /> 6.2 Consideration of Mora Heights Sewer Requests—Lawrence Hall <br /> City Manager Cassingham reported that Council had before them the latest communication <br /> from Lawrence Hall. He is requesting a continuation of this item to the March 18, 2003 <br /> Regular City Council Meeting. <br /> Lawrence Hall, Husher Project Architect, concurred. <br /> Mayor Pro Tem O'Malley commented that Hall's letter to Council dated February 26, 2004 <br /> contains several issues that are not factually correct. O'Malley offered to send a response to <br /> • Hall's letter (February 26, 2004) and will copy the City Manager and City Attorney to ensure <br /> 4 City Council Meeting Minutes <br /> March 4,2004 <br />