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building more structurally sound and added the additional space suggested by the <br /> Committee. He believes the revised design has a sophisticated modern aesthetic yet <br /> retains the warm, inviting nuances of the rural design. <br /> Duxbury reported that the interior schematic has been reviewed by the staff and has had a <br /> favorable response. Each department will have their own file/records area and an <br /> individual "service area". Duxbury added that the proposed design is adaptable to 2 <br /> person offices as needed in the future. <br /> Ethel Blank, resident, asked if there was any space in the proposed project for art shows. <br /> She requested that the Architect consider display space appropriate for sculptures and art <br /> pieces. She would also like to see display lighting included in the project. <br /> Peter Duxbury expects to have the project plans and renderings completed in early <br /> October and ready for presentation to the Council by October 16, 2003. <br /> Duxbury introduced Landscape Architect Tom Klope to the Committee. Klope had a <br /> conceptual landscaping plan for the new Town Hall. The Committee was very impressed <br /> by his vision for the site. Klope's conceptual plan featured a pastoral quality with <br /> minimized paving, the incorporation of a "Town Green", an opportunity for a sculpture <br /> piece or another large oak, a redwood grove and rhododendrons in the rear of the site and <br /> color plantings featured in the front. Klope would like to use grass-cells for the <br /> emergency parking areas. To integrate the Heritage House with the new Town Hall, he <br /> proposes a walk/path that would possibly include markers identifying the historic <br /> • DeAnza trail or the Ohlone Indians. He would revitalize the orchard and garden. Klope <br /> described his presentation as a quiet, sophisticated landscaping that was appropriate for <br /> the rural setting. <br /> 4.2 Preliminary Pricing of the New Town Hall Project—Tony Mirenda, TBI <br /> Tony Mirenda, TBI, presented a summary of project costs to the Committee. Costs were <br /> compared to the previous Goldman design. The total estimated project cost for the new <br /> Duxbury design is $3,885,870.11 with the Goldman projected costs at approximately <br /> $4,896,094.00. The cost included construction estimates, equipment for Town Hall and <br /> furnishings. Mirenda noted that the cost of wood has doubled and there is presently a <br /> material shortage. He added that the conceptual budget has been reviewed by several <br /> respected contractors and they concur with the estimates. Mirenda said he has confidence <br /> in the numbers and feels the prices will be good for a year. <br /> Discussion ensued regarding the budget. Mirenda and Duxbury noted that changes to <br /> materials could help to reduce costs. <br /> PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To direct the architect and construction management <br /> consultant to review the design and to make changes to reduce the costs to approximately <br /> $39500,000. <br /> • The Committee concurred that the design reflects the wishes of the residents. The <br /> architect hassucceeded in designing a handsome utilitarian building that will serve the <br /> 2 <br /> City Council/Planning Commission Special Meeting <br /> September 15,2003 <br />