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3.2 Review of the Multiple Prime Contracting Process—Benjamin Reyes <br /> Assistant to City Attorney Steve Mattas <br /> Benjamin Reyes, Assistant to City Attorney Steve Mattas, introduced himself. He had <br /> prepared a review of the multiple prime contracting process for the New Town Hall <br /> Committee. Reyes explained that the process works well for large projects that are <br /> suitable for multiple bids and those that are funded in stages. The ability to commence <br /> your project sooner; budget flexibility and possible savings with the elimination of the <br /> general contractor are all advantages of the multiple-prime process. Reyes added that <br /> there are also challenges to this process. He noted that it requires a dedicated full time on <br /> site construction manager, detailed project schedules, meticulous coordination and the <br /> possibility of additional costs. <br /> 3.3 Report on Useability of Goldman Submittals—Peter DuxbM <br /> Peter Duxbury distributed a report that identified the Goldman submittals and their <br /> useability for the new Town Hall project. <br /> 4. UNFINISHED BUSINESS <br /> 4.1 Proposed Amendment to the Agreement between the Town of Los Altos Hills <br /> and Peter DuxbM, Architect—Peter Duxbury <br /> Peter Duxbury reported that his attorney and the City Attorney have been in <br /> • communication on this item and it will be ready for Council approval at their next <br /> meeting. <br /> 4.2. Update of Schematic Plan and Revised Elevations for New Town Hall— <br /> Peter Duxbury <br /> Peter Duxbury presented a new site plan, exterior renderings and a revised floor plan. <br /> The Committee agreed that the new design was more representative of the rural design <br /> that had been favored by the residents. They approved of the addition of more glass <br /> (windows) and the floor plan. <br /> The Committee discussed the Heritage House and the Water District building with <br /> Duxbury. All were in concurrence that the Water District building will need <br /> improvements including fire sprinklers, new roof and upgrades to be ADA compliant. <br /> Following discussion, it was agreed that it would be appropriate to add additional space <br /> for future growth. <br /> Duxbury will present updated plans with the revisions suggested by the Committee at the <br /> next scheduled New Town Hall Committee Meeting. <br /> • <br /> City Council/Planning Commission Special Meeting <br /> August 20,2003 <br />