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• John Goldman, Mission design, Goldman Architects of San Francisco, <br /> Architect of record for the originally approved new Town Hall. <br /> Goldman explained his updated rendering representation of the Mission <br /> style would be of a simpler nature than his previous design. <br /> • David Arkin and Anni Tilt, Sustainable/Ecological design, of Arkin Tilt <br /> Architects of Albany. Their designs are energy and resource efficient. <br /> Recent work includes the Youth Hostel at Hidden Villa and an award <br /> winning residential design. They are presently working with the City of <br /> Palo Alto for a gateway facility. <br /> • Peter Duxbury, Craftsman design, Duxbury Architects of Los Altos. <br /> Duxbury has been an Architect since 1977. He has done numerous <br /> residential designs for Los Altos and Los Altos Hills residents. Duxbury <br /> noted that he is very familiar with the area and is looking forward to the <br /> proj ect. <br /> The meeting was recessed at 8:00 pm to allow the architects and Committee Members to <br /> participate in a tour of Town Facilities. The meeting was reconvened at 8:20 pm in Council <br /> Chambers. Following some discussion, the architects agreed to a February 24, 2003 target date <br /> for submittal of their respective style renderings. The designs will be presented to the <br /> Committee at their February 25, 2003 meeting in a 24x36 hard format with narratives and <br /> reviewed by the City Council before being displayed in Council Chambers for public viewing. <br /> • 3.2 Consideration of Agreement between the Town and Selected Architects <br /> Councilmember Kerr explained the agreement the Committee Members had before them. He had <br /> requested the City Attorney to draft an agreement between the Town and the architects. Kerr <br /> noted the agreement ensured the Town would own the renderings (product) and were under no <br /> obligation to the architect for further employment. Committee members were asked to email <br /> suggestions regarding the agreement to the City Clerk by February 6, 2003. Comments and <br /> suggestions would be forwarded to the City Attorney and Councilmember Kerr. <br /> PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To approve the Agreement between the Town and the Architects <br /> with suggested modifications. Councilmember Kerr will work with the City Attorney to <br /> expedite the Agreement and make it available to the Architects for signing by February 24, 2003. <br /> 4. UNFINISHED BUSINESS <br /> 4.1 Committee Assignment to Development Website Information <br /> PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To appoint a Website Subcommittee of Bill Kerns and Al Whaley <br /> to work with the Town's technical consultants to develop a page on the Town website to <br /> disseminate 'information on the New Town Hall project. Councilmember O'Malley will serve as <br /> a liaison to the Subcommittee. <br /> 2 <br /> Special City Council Meeting Minutes <br /> February 4,2003 <br />