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priorities for the negotiation process. Pilnick referenced his experience with similar <br /> negotiations and he expects the Town's negotiation proceedings to require 3-6 meetings <br /> with Comcast. <br /> • Pilnick expressed the belief that the Town will be able to gain some benefits with the new <br /> franchise agreement. These include the support for public educational and governmental <br /> use of the cable system. Pilnick added that this would be considered within the <br /> reasonable range of negotiations. <br /> In conclusion, Pilnick noted that the Comcast Franchise Agreement extension to June 20, <br /> 2004 on tonight's agenda for Council's consideration should be adequate time to <br /> complete the negotiation process. <br /> Councilmember Fenwick requested clarification on the existing franchise agreement. He <br /> questioned whether Comcast is bound to the provisions of the original agreement between <br /> the Town and Sun Country Cable. Fenwick was particularly interested in the clause <br /> regarding universal service. <br /> Pilnick explained that when Comcast purchased the assets from AT&T Broadband they <br /> needed the approval of the Town to continue operating the franchise service. Universal <br /> Service is very ambiguous in the original agreement. There is a line extension agreement <br /> and density clauses with references to shared expenses with homeowners. Pilnick said <br /> the negotiation for the new agreement will include a requirement for universal service <br /> throughout the Town under the same conditions to every residence, including those that <br /> will be eventually annexed. <br /> • Councilmember Warshawsky asked if it was possible to require Comcast to share in the <br /> costs of undergrounding utilities. Pilnick explained that the draft agreement does require <br /> them to pay their share of costs for any area that converts from aerial to underground <br /> service and if other utilities underground they must follow. <br /> Councilmember Kerr requested information on the upgrading of the Comcast Cable <br /> service to include high speed internet access. Pilnick noted that this was not part of the <br /> renegotiation, however, it was in the best interest of Comcast financially to offer this <br /> service. <br /> 2.2 Presentation by Comcast Cable—Report on the Status of the Cable System <br /> Upgrade <br /> Kathi Noe, Director of Government Relations and Franchising, Comcast Cable, addressed <br /> Council. She stated that the company is committed to upgrading the existing system and <br /> bringing high speed internet access to Comcast customers. Comcast is presently in the <br /> design phase of the project but they expect to begin construction in some areas this <br /> month. Noe noted that they will keep the City Manager apprised of their progress. She <br /> will return to Council in January with a more definitive list of the streets that do not meet <br /> the density requirements where Comcast will be asking the customers to share the <br /> upgrade and service delivery costs. Noe will also report back to Council with the <br /> • <br /> 2 City Council Meeting Minutes <br /> December 4,2003 <br />