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• Lot Unit Factor (LUF) — it was noted that the Lot Unit Factor has already been <br /> increased for constrained lots. Consensus to return to this item for further <br /> discussion after the Master Storm Drain Study is completed. <br /> • Bullis School Site — it was agreed that the Town has a limited say in decisions <br /> made by the Los Altos School District regarding the site. The Town is currently <br /> investigating recreational opportunities for the Town on the upper fields. <br /> • Fence Ordinance — following discussion of this item, it was determined that <br /> review of this item by the Planning Commission should be given high priority. <br /> Issues to be considered at the time of study include: consideration of the impact of <br /> fences on conservation easements; the loss of wildlife habitat; and the effect of <br /> solid fencing on view corridors. <br /> • Investigation of Policy to Facilitate Water Conservation — consensus that water <br /> conservation is an important issue at this time and a signature of responsible <br /> government. The Planning Commission was directed to work with the Purissima <br /> Hills Water District to identify possible solutions to increased water consumption <br /> in the Town. <br /> • Subdivision Ordinance — consensus that the Town's Subdivision Ordinance <br /> should be reviewed for clarification of language and update revisions. Cahill <br /> noted that the Town's subdivision process is consistent with the State's <br /> • Subdivision Map Act. <br /> PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To prioritize the directives for the Planning Commission <br /> study in the following order: (1) Investigation of policy to facilitate water conservation; <br /> (2)Fence Ordinance; and (3) Subdivision Ordinance. <br /> 3. PRESENTATIONS FROM THE FLOOR <br /> Jan Fenwick, Purissima Hills Water District Board Member, commented that the Water <br /> District is presently studying different options and innovative solutions to reduce water <br /> usage by residents for landscaping purposes. <br /> 4. ADJOURNMENT <br /> There being no further business to discuss, the Joint City Council and Planning <br /> Commission Special Meeting was adjourned at 5:55 pm. <br /> Respectfully submitte , <br /> <br /> Karen Jo City erk <br /> The minutes of the Joint City Council and Planning Commission Special Meeting were <br /> approved at the Regular City Council Meeting of October 2, 2003. <br /> 2 Special Meeting Minutes <br /> September 18,2003 <br />