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5. UNFINISHED BUSINESS <br /> 5.1 Update on Mayor's Goals <br /> 5.1.1 New Town Hall <br /> 5.1.1 (a)New Town Hall Committee - Meeting Report of May 13, <br /> 2003 —Interview of Architects and Review of Proposals. <br /> Councilmember Kerr reported that his Committee had considered proposals from five <br /> architects for the New Town Hall project. After reviewing the proposals, the Committee <br /> selected three finalists to be interviewed at their May 13, 2003 meeting. Each architect <br /> was sent a list of questions that would be asked during the interview including estimates <br /> of architectural fees that should include consultant bills, reimbursables, travel time and <br /> construction consultant visits using a construction cost of $2.5 million; to comment on <br /> the Rural Design; a list of their qualifications; and a project timeline. At the conclusion <br /> of the interviews, the Committee unanimously selected Peter Duxbury, Duxbury <br /> Architects, to be recommended to the City Council as the architect of record for the New <br /> Town Hall project. <br /> Kerr reported that the total estimated cost for architectural services including design, <br /> consultants, building drawings, obtaining site development approval, permits and <br /> supervision of the project is $340,000. <br /> Councilmember O'Malley added that an essential part of the selection process had been a <br /> reference check of the architects. Of the five proposals received by the Committee, three <br /> bids were similar, one did not submit costs with his proposal, but he was the architect on <br /> the last project and most likely would be more expensive and one bid was lower but the <br /> applicant had not done a similar project for sometime. As a result, the three architects <br /> chosen to be interviewed were very similar and the references were an important factor in <br /> selecting the architect. Peter Duxbury's references were all favorable. He is well known <br /> and respected in Town. <br /> Mayor Fenwick asked if Duxbury had designed any buildings that would be familiar to <br /> Council. <br /> Kerr noted that Duxbury had included in his proposal commercial projects that he has <br /> done, but of late, he is primarily involved with private residences in Los Altos, Woodside <br /> and Portola Valley. However, many of the homes that he has designed are substantially <br /> larger than the Town Hall project and more challenging and elaborate in detail. <br /> PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To give direction to staff to work with Councilmember <br /> Kerr as the New Town Hall Committee representative, and Peter Duxbury, Duxbury <br /> Architects, on a proposed agreement and return to Council for approval. <br /> Councilmember Kerr requested that discussion with the Purissima Hills Water District <br /> and the siting of their facility in the overall site plan for the New Town Hall be placed on <br /> a future agenda. <br /> • <br /> 3 City Council Meeting Minutes <br /> May 15,2003 <br />