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• 4.5 Request for Temporary Elimination of No Parking Zone and Use of Amplified <br /> Sound on Purissima Road During Major Events—Los Altos Hills Little League <br /> 4.6 Approval of the Quarterly Interest Report <br /> 4.7 Approval of Extension of the Zanker Road Recycle Facility Yard Waste Drop-Off <br /> Program for Los Altos Hills Residents Reso #7-03 <br /> 4.8 Acceptance of 2002 Sewer Cleaning&Video Inspection Work Reso#8-03 <br /> Item Removed: <br /> 4.9 Acceptance of the Tracy Court Bridge Project Reso#9-03 <br /> Councilmember O'Malley expressed frustration in justifying the expense of approximately <br /> $300,000 for the repair of a bridge that serves only four lots as a connection to a major road. He <br /> asked staff to explain the Town's obligation for this project. Staff stated that the bridge was built <br /> in the late 1970's as a subdivision improvement requirement and dedicated to the Town..It has <br /> since been reviewed by the Town's engineering consultant, Mark Thomas, and found to have not <br /> been built to approved standards. Because of the length of time since approval, Town has no <br /> recourse with the subdivider or contractor. <br /> Councilmember O'Malley recommended that in the review process of subdivisions, Council be <br /> made aware of projects that could pose a potential financial liability to the Town. Any similar <br /> prospective project should be built to standards that would ensure an appropriate life span of the <br /> bridge and be closely monitored by the Town or the Town should not accept the dedication and <br /> the street should remain private. <br /> MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Cheng, seconded by Fenwick and passed <br /> unanimously to accept the Tracy Court Replacement Bridge Project. <br /> 5. UNFINISHED BUSINESS <br /> 5.1 Update on Mayor's Goals <br /> 5.1.1 New Town Hall—Committee Report <br /> Councilmember Kerr reported on the New Town Hall Committee meeting of February 4, 2003. <br /> The four architects invited to participate in the style phase of the New'Town Hall were <br /> introduced to the Committee; Barry Nathan—Rural Design, Peter Duxbury— Craftsman Design, <br /> John Goldman — Mission Design and David Arkin and Anni Tilt — Sustainable/Ecological <br /> Design. Each addressed the Committee and gave them a brief overview of their background and <br /> prior work. The architects participated in a tour of the Town Hall facilities and a question and <br /> answer period with the Committee. <br /> The architects agreed to a February 24, 2003 target date for submittal of the style renderings. <br /> • The designs will be presented to the Committee at their February 25, 2003 meeting in a 24x36 <br /> hard format and reviewed by Council before being displayed in Council Chambers for public <br /> 2 February 6,2003 <br /> Regular City Council Meeting <br />