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Minutes of a Regular Meeting <br /> January 3, 2002 <br /> Town of Los Altos Hills <br /> City Council Regular,Meeting <br /> Thursday, January 3, 2002, 6:00 P.M. <br /> Council Chambers, 26379 Fremont Road <br /> 1. CALL TO ORDER AND ROLL CALL <br /> Mayor Casey called the Regular Meeting of the City Council to order at 6:05 p.m. in <br /> the Council Chambers at Town Hall. <br /> Present: Mayor Casey and Councilmembers Cheng, Fenwick, Finn and <br /> O'Malley(Councilmember Finn arrived at 7:05 p.m.) <br /> Absent: None <br /> Staff: City Manager Maureen Cassingham, City Attorney Sandy Sloan, <br /> City Engineer/Public Works Director Mintze Cheng, Planning <br /> Director Carl Cahill and City Clerk Pat Dowd <br /> Press: Liz Cloutman,Los Altos Town Crier <br /> 2. APPOINTMENTS AND PRESENTATIONS <br /> 2.1 Presentation by Lt. Ernie Smedlund on burglaries and vandalism <br /> Lt. Ernie Smedlund, Santa Clara County Sheriffs Office, presented a special report to <br /> Council on the issue of recent burglaries in the Town. He noted that there had been an <br /> 80% increase in overall residential burglaries in the West Valley area in comparison to <br /> the same time period last year. He noted that there were similarities in that the <br /> suspects entered the house often through open doors and often when there were people <br /> in the house. Most of the crimes occurred between 6:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 <br /> a.m. to 8:00 a.m. Generally jewelry, cash, purses were taken from the master <br /> bedrooms. The last burlary occurred in Los Altos Hills on 11/20/01 and one had not <br /> occurred since then. Lt. Smedlund reported that they had increased surveillance details <br /> and nighttime patrols, educated the public through the media and coordinated efforts <br /> with other law enforcement agencies. <br /> Detective Powers, lead investigator for these crimes, commented that they were <br /> following up on leads but there was actually very little evidence. In the case of the <br /> January 3, 2002 <br /> Regular City Council Meeting <br /> 1 <br />