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4.5 Awarded Certificates of Parks &Recreation Committee(Lisa <br /> Appreciation Dorrian); Safety Committee (Art <br /> Bernstein, Nobuko Cleary, Robert Hall, <br /> Scott Overstreet, Robert Smithwick, <br /> Maynard Stevenson, Tom Turner); and <br /> Utility&Information Systems Committee <br /> (Andrew Colman, Ray Egan, Richard <br /> Ellinger, George Knight, Robert <br /> Lefkowits, Amir Rosenbaum and Evan <br /> Wythe) <br /> 4.7 Approved an agreement with Du-All Safety for the Town's Safety <br /> Program—Reso#20-02 <br /> 4.8 Approved an agreement with Karen Jost for contract administrative <br /> services—Reso #21-02 <br /> 4.10 Approved proposed reorganization of the Public Works Department in <br /> Engineering and Maintenance Divisions <br /> Items Removed: <br /> 4.1 Approval of Minutes: January 17, 2002 (Regular Meeting) <br /> Les Earnest, 12769 Dianne Drive, asked that the comments attributed to him on page <br /> six be amended to reflect the fact that he had walked this path a number of times <br /> before the gate was locked. <br /> MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Finn, seconded by Cheng and <br /> passed unanimously by all members present to approve the minutes of the January 17, <br /> 2002 Regular City Council Meeting with the following corrections: Page 5, Item <br /> 5.2(b), third paragraph, change 8/27/02 to 8/27/01 and on page 6, first paragraph, add <br /> the following sentence: "He noted that he had walked this path a number of times <br /> before the gate was locked." <br /> 4.6 Approval of amendments to Personnel Policy Manual and Employee Benefit <br /> Plan—Resolutions# <br /> O'Malley asked if these amendments simply brought the personnel manual up to date <br /> rather than include any substantive changes and was advised by staff that this was the <br /> case. <br /> February 7, 2002 <br /> Regular City Council Meeting <br /> 3 <br />