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Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 2008. The event's proceeds benefit three charities- <br /> Second Harvest Food Bank, the Housing Trust of Santa Clara County and the Santa Clara <br /> • Family Health Foundation's Children's Health Initiative. Last year, the event raised <br /> approximately $225,000 and Guardino was hopeful that this year would surpass that <br /> amount. <br /> Council thanked Guardino for the personal invitation and noted that they were looking <br /> forward to the event. <br /> B. Presentation by Public Safety Officer Steven Garcia: Los Altos Hills <br /> Dangerous Do Abatement Process <br /> g g <br /> Public Safe Officer Seven Garcia introduced the item to Council. Garcia explained that <br /> Safety p <br /> the item had been brought forward to address questions from concerned residents <br /> regarding the Los Altos Hills' process for dealing with dangerous animals. He explained <br /> the Town's Municipal Code Title 6 Section 6-1.601 defines a dangerous animal as "any <br /> dog or animal which demonstrates a propensity to assault, bite, scratch or harass people <br /> or other animals without provocation." Garcia proceeded with a PowerPoint presentation <br /> that provided an overview of what to do if the public should encounter a dangerous dog; <br /> the process followed for a dangerous animal hearing; and, possible determination <br /> procedures as a result of the hearing process. <br /> Council discussion ensued. Council questioned if they had any authority to restrict <br /> certain breeds from the Town that had a propensity for being aggressive. City Attorney <br /> • Steve Mattas offered to research the inquiry if Council should have any interest in <br /> pursuing the issue. <br /> Council thanked Garcia for his informative presentation. <br /> CONSENT CALENDAR <br /> Item Removed: Warshawsky (recused himself from consideration of Consent Calendar <br /> Item 94 due to a potential conflict and requested information on Consent Calendar Item <br /> #7 <br /> MOTIONED SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Warshawsky, seconded by <br /> O'Malley and passed unanimously to approve the remainder of the consent calendar, <br /> specifically: <br /> 2. Approval of Meeting Minutes: City Council Meeting—October 9, 2008 <br /> 3. Review of Disbursement: September 1, 2008 —September 30, 2008 $909,701.57 <br /> 4. Notification of Fast Track Approval: Lands of Salah, 27361 Altamont Road, <br /> #72-08-ZP-SD-GD: A Request for a Site Development Permit for a new 5,507 <br /> square foot two-story residence with an 870 square foot partial basement <br /> (Maximum Height 2T) CEQA Review: Categorical Exemption per Section <br /> • 15303(a). <br /> 2 City Council Regular Meeting Minutes <br /> October 23,2008 <br />