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i <br /> that the Council was not talking about getting rid of Westwind Barn but <br /> relocating it to a better location. <br /> Frank Lloyd noted that one of their committee members, Shabnam Jain, <br /> was preparing a report on Westwind Barn, thus the Finance and <br /> Investment Committee had not reviewed that property and had no position <br /> on it at this time. As far as O'Keefe and Story Hill were concerned, they <br /> supported selling them. Mr. Lloyd commented that the money from the <br /> sale of these properties could possibly be used for the Town Hall project as <br /> well as Town recreation programs. During the discussion, Douglas Norby <br /> noted that the Finance and Investment Committee had not recommended <br /> the sale of Westwind Barn, as it had not yet reviewed it. <br /> Rebecca Hickman noted that Parks and Recreation could not use the <br /> O'Keefe property and they had no objection to it being sold. Patty Radlo <br /> further commented that issues with the O'Keefe property, if used for <br /> recreation purposes such as soccer fields, included parking, noise, and <br /> impact on the neighbors. The Parks and Recreation Committee also did <br /> not object to the sale of the Story Hill property but noted there was some <br /> history of erosion problems on this piece of land. The Parks and <br /> Recreation Committee strongly supported not selling the Westwind Barn <br /> property. Rebecca Hickman further suggested looking at the Town Ring <br /> land near the little league fields as a possible site for recreation programs. <br /> • There was parking available, the neighbors were used to a programs being <br /> conducted at the ring and it could result in a `recreation corridor' along <br /> Purissima. <br /> Finn believed selling the Westwind Barn property and moving the Barn to <br /> the Byrne Preserve would be a `win/win' for the Town. Los Altos Hills <br /> would have a better facility for Westwind Barn and would get needed <br /> funds for additional recreation programs in the Town. Finn also inquired <br /> about the possibility of moving the Town's corporation yard located on <br /> Purissima and was advised that Council would be discussing a request for <br /> proposals for consulting services for evaluation of the Public Works <br /> Maintenance Department at the regular meeting later in the evening. <br /> Cheng stated that she thought the Council should have a specific plan for <br /> the funds obtained from the sale of Town-owned lands before any sale was <br /> contemplated. <br /> The City Attorney stated that she would be providing a report to the City <br /> Council on the legal steps required when considering the sale of Town- <br /> owned lands. <br /> PASSED BY CONSENSUS: It was agreed that O'Malley would contact <br /> the Nature Conservancy to see if moving Westwind Barn onto the Preserve <br /> would be in accordance with their restrictions on the property. Regarding <br /> the O'Keefe property it was noted that discussions were ongoing with <br /> April 18, 2002 <br /> Special City Council Meeting <br /> 2 <br />