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4) Complete an analysis of all Town codes, policies and ordinances for <br /> consistency,relevance and conformance with the General Plan. <br /> The Municipal Code and Policy Review Committee made a presentation of their final <br /> report to the Planning Commission on April 11, 2002 regarding house siting, colors, <br /> landscaping and outdoor lighting and this presentation was continued to the May 9th <br /> Planning Commission Meeting. <br /> 5) Have broadband internet access available to all residents <br /> Pac Bell remains on schedule to complete Project Pronto, their DSL project serving <br /> Los Altos Hills, by the end of this year. The first of their two gateways (vaults)has <br /> been completed and it serves 972 homes. The second gateway will serve 1,343 <br /> homes for a total of 2,315 residences and it will be in service on or before <br /> December, 2002. <br /> 6) Adopt and implement a town pathway policy which includes a specific <br /> five- year program for the new construction of along side the road paths <br /> - and a plan which improves,the maintenance and materials of current town <br /> pathways. <br /> DuBose Montgomery, Chairman of the Pathways Committee, gave Council an <br /> overview of the committee's review of the pathways map. He noted that lengthy <br /> meetings had been held on April .17'' and 25h at which each pathway was <br /> reviewed. Recommendations were then made by the committee. <br /> Council agreed that a Public Hearing on the new path map would be scheduled for the <br /> June 6th Council Meeting. At the 5/2/02 meeting Council would be approving the <br /> wording for the Town-wide mailing on this issue. <br /> 7) Complete the review of setbacks and height limits and revise town <br /> ordinances accordingly. <br /> A public hearing was scheduled for the 5/9/02 Planning Commission Meeting and <br /> this issue would be scheduled for a public hearing at the June 20th City Council <br /> Meeting. <br /> 8) Continue to explore alternatives to underground all utilities in Los Altos <br /> Hills. <br /> The suggestion was made and Council agreed that a study session should be held to <br /> discuss specifically what Council wanted to do regarding the issue and what they <br /> wanted to present to the voters. Per the Election Calendar, Council had until <br /> May 2, 2002 <br /> Regular City Council Meeting <br /> 3 <br />