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The second agreement with the architect was approved at the August 15th Council <br /> Meeting. The architectural firm was proceeding to finish the working drawings <br /> for the project and these should be done in about four weeks. Council would be <br /> discussing a prequalification program for the Town Hall construction project <br /> later in this meeting. The fundraising package had been put together and pledges <br /> have been received. <br /> (2) Undergrounding of utility wires in Los Altos Hills <br /> The decision was made at the 8/1/02 meeting not to put this on the November <br /> ballot. The Mayor will be reintroducing his earlier proposal on undergrounding <br /> later this year. <br /> (3) Complete the update process for an accurate 2002 master pathway map <br /> The Master Path Plan will be discussed at the 10/17/02 Council Meeting at a <br /> public hearing as part of the General Plan amendment process. <br /> (4) Consider the possibility of adopting a view ordinance for the Town <br /> Staff is reviewing view ordinances from other cities including Tiburon. <br /> 5.2 Adoption of Ordinance amending certain chapters of the conflict of <br /> interest Code (SECOND READING) <br /> MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Casey, seconded by Cheng and <br /> passed unanimously by all members present to adopt Ordinance#423 amending certain <br /> chapters of the conflict of interest code. <br /> 5.3 Council Open Space/Town-owned Property Policy ptions—Continued <br /> Discussion <br /> Consideration of a City Council sponsored ballot measure to require <br /> voter approval for an amendment to the land use designation for <br /> certain properties owned by the Town and prior to sale or conveyance <br /> of those same properties. Reso # <br /> The City Attorney provided Council with a written report identifying alternative means <br /> of preserving the Town-owned property. The two primary alternatives were a City <br /> Council sponsored ballot measure or the sale of fee interest or easement to land trust. <br /> The City Attorney also noted that at the request of Mayor Fenwick and <br /> Councilmember Casey he had prepared a resolution and ordinance for consideration by <br /> the Council and possible submission to the voters. The proposed ballot measure would <br /> October 3, 2002 <br /> Regular City Council Meeting <br /> 3 <br />