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• Council discussed the plans for the picnic. Dauber questioned the need for a band and if there <br /> was one stated it should be located on the fields and held at a noise level which allowed people to <br /> talk. She also suggested having games to help introduce residents to one another and a map <br /> showing the activities available at the picnic. Council commented on the importance of having <br /> shade available for this event. It was quite hot last year and shaded areas were definitely <br /> lacking. A discussion followed on the cost effectiveness of renting or purchasing shade <br /> umbrellas and/or canopies. It was noted during this discussion that if purchased they could be <br /> stored at the Maintenance Barn. It was agreed that the committee would look into which option <br /> was more cost effective. If additional funds were needed to purchase these items, the committee <br /> could make an additional budget request to the Council. On the subject of volunteers,Patrick <br /> Neal,the Town's Youth Commissioner, offered to line up volunteers from the high school. <br /> MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Johnson, seconded by Finn and passed <br /> unanimously to approve the $7,013 budget for the May 21"Town Picnic. It was further agreed <br /> that if additional funds were needed to rent or purchase shade umbrellas and/or canopies,the <br /> committee should bring this request back to Council for authorization. <br /> Roy Woolsey referred to the charter of their committee and asked for Council input. Council <br /> concurred that the Community Relations Committee was already involved in many activities <br /> during the year and caution should be taken not to overburden the committee members. <br /> On the subject of whether or not to continue having a greeter at Council Meetings, it was agreed <br /> that the committee would contact the City Clerk prior to the meeting to discuss the agenda and <br /> • possible areas of general interest to the community or issues that might result in a large <br /> attendance at the meeting. <br /> Concerning newcomers, it was agreed that rather than host a garden parry for newcomers as had <br /> been done in the past, newcomers could be specifically invited to the artists' receptions which <br /> were held quarterly in the Council Chambers. It was agreed that the Chairman of the Community <br /> Relations Committee would work with Ethel Blank,the Towns' Exhibit Curator,to coordinate <br /> these events. On the subject of the welcome packets, it was agreed that the Town Receptionist <br /> would be asked to keep a tally of requests for these packets. Also,the parcel data base was <br /> considered as a resource for cross checking the mailing lists for the welcome letters for those <br /> who were actually new residents as opposed to current residents signing up for additional <br /> services with the garbage company. The list of newcomers was given to the Community <br /> Relations Committee by the Los Altos Garbage Company. Some Councilmembers expressed <br /> concern about the parcel data base being on the Town's webpage as there may be some residents <br /> would did not want their homes addresses quite so readily available. It was agreed to agendize <br /> this issue for discussion at a future Council Meeting. <br /> Roy Woolsey raised the issue of the committee undertaking a questionnaire on topics other than <br /> those being considered the Land Use Survey. Dauber suggested receiving input on the <br /> renovation/rebuilding of Town Hall issue. Casey believed this was a complex issue however and <br /> Council should be the author of any questionnaires, articles, etc. on this subject. Dorothy Price, <br /> Editor of the Town Newsletter, commented that the reply card in the newsletters was a good way <br /> to receive input from residents and several residents did take the time to return the cards with <br /> comments. <br /> February 3, 2000 <br /> Adjourned City Council Meeting <br /> 2 <br />