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• 4.3 Accepted grant of conservation easement,Lands of Kumar, 11972 Rhus Ridge <br /> Road—Reso #1-00 <br /> 4.4 Accepted grants of conservation and pathway easements, Lands of Green Earth <br /> Engineering, 27168 Moody Court—Resolutions#2-00 and 3-00 <br /> 4.5 Accepted grant of conservation easement, Lands of Yeh, 24055 Jabil Lane— <br /> Reso #4-00 <br /> 4.6 Adopted ordinance#406 amending the Zoning Code to allow an additional <br /> conditional use in the R-A Zone <br /> 4.7 Approved and authorized execution of agreement between the Town of Los Altos <br /> Hills and Curtis Williams and Associates—Reso#5-00 <br /> 4.8 Approved the revised memorandum of agreement for the Santa Clara Valley Urban <br /> Runoff Pollution Prevention Program, and resolution to reapply for reissuance of the <br /> Los Altos Hills Municipal Storm Water NPDES Permit—Reso#6-00 <br /> 4.9 Authorized contracts with Wilsey Ham for Capital Improvement Project Designs <br /> (Purissima Road Pathway Improvements, Elena Road Culvert Crossing and Elena <br /> Road Pavement and Storm Drainage Improvements) <br /> • 4.11 Approved final map, subdivision improvement agreement and conservation <br /> easement, Lands of Denny, 25400 La Loma Drive—Resolutions#7-00 and 8-00 <br /> Item Removed: <br /> 4.10 Amendment of maximum contribution to <br /> coverage employer health premiums— <br /> g <br /> Reso # <br /> The City Manager asked that this item be continued so that staff could provide additional <br /> information on the issue. <br /> PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To continue Item 4.10 to a later meeting. <br /> 5. UNFINISHED BUSINESS <br /> 5.1 Approving and authorizing execution of a sanitary sewer reimbursement agreement <br /> between Nino Cefalu and the Town of Los Altos Hills—Reso # <br /> The City Manager reported that there was a correction to the documents before Council. The <br /> owners of 11198 Magdalena informed the Town that they were already connected to sewer and <br /> therefore should not be on the list of future users. Mr. Cefalu had been advised of this <br /> • development. <br /> I <br /> January 6, 2000 <br /> Regular City Council Meeting <br /> 2 <br />