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;. 2. Delively of Services <br /> A. Provide quarterly fmancial reports in a reader-friendly format for posting <br /> to the Town's web page. <br /> 3. Code Maintenance <br /> A. Expedite the process of updating the General Plan through the use of <br /> consultants. Prepare the Land Use Element and implement programs, <br /> policies and ordinances required by the Housing Element and Circulation <br /> Element. <br /> B. Continue to amend Zoning and Site Development ordinances and develop <br /> policies to ensure that the Council's intent on site development approvals <br /> is being met. In particular, prepare reviews of the color board and <br /> corresponding policy, the minimum MDA for constrained lots, and <br /> review the policy for the La Paloma corridor. <br /> C. Review the Master Pathway Plan and relevant pathway and easement <br /> information to determine the desired locations of fixture off-road pathways. <br /> 4. Infrastructure <br /> A. Produce a graphical computer map of the pathway system to be used for a <br /> pathways maintenance program, capital projects and master planning. <br /> • B. Develop a long-range maintenance and replacement program for the <br /> Town's sewer system. <br /> C. Develop conceptual plans for the reconstruction of Town Hall. Plan for the <br /> relocation of workstations, supplies and equipment into temporary facilities if <br /> it is determined that the new Town Hall will be sited in the same location as <br /> the current building. <br /> Siegel referred to LA concerning the development of policies related to the upgrading of <br /> waterlines. In addition to the Purissima Hills Water District and California Water Service <br /> Company, he noted the role of the Los Altos Hills County Fire Protection District in this <br /> matter. It was agreed that policies would be determined as input was received from all <br /> involved agencies. Casey referred to 4.13 and asked how this program was being paid for <br /> as she did not think the Town should pay for a program that did not pertain to all <br /> residents. Staff advised Casey that this program was paid for out of the sewer fund which <br /> received monies from those on sewers. Council discussed the reconstruction of Town <br /> Hall and agreed not to include this in the objectives at this time. With such a proposed <br /> large expenditure of money and with a new City Manager coming on board, Council <br /> agreed to continue the evaluation of this project. <br /> PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To change 4.0 to read: "Continue to evaluate the necessity <br /> for repair and/or restoration of Town Hall and take any actions as deemed necessary. It <br /> was further agreed to review this issue in February of 2000. <br /> June 3, 1999 <br /> Special City Council Meeting <br /> 2 <br />