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Dauber asked that the garbage rate structure be reviewed. She noted that residents were <br /> charged extra for each can on a long driveway and this should be corrected to make the <br /> rates more equitable. She also raised the issue of Y2K and was advised that the Town <br /> was prepared. <br /> PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To add a review of the garbage rate structure as item 2.13. <br /> 3. STUDY SESSION --PROPOSED BUDGET FY 1999-00 <br /> Council discussed the request for two new maintenance crew members in the Public Works <br /> Department. The Public Works Manager explained this request emphasizing the amount of work <br /> that needed to be accomplished with limited staff. Council expressed concerns however about <br /> hiring on permanent employees rather than contracting out projects. Siegel noted that it was very <br /> expensive to pay full time staff benefits, etc. and several of these projects, such as tree trimming, <br /> could easily be done by contract services. <br /> MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Johnson, seconded by Finn and passed <br /> unanimously to delete the two new maintanence positions from the budget but to leave in <br /> $100,000 for completion of needed projects. It was further agreed this would be reviewed after <br /> the first quarter. <br /> PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To make the following changes to the budget: <br /> 1. Add the Measure B Pavement Management Funds to the budget. <br /> 2. Under Town Committees, Pathways Recreation and Parks Committee, change $12,800 <br /> • to $600 by moving the $12,200 request for benches, etc. to capital improvements. <br /> 3. Under Town Committees reduce the Neighborhood Coordinator Program to $2,000 <br /> from$31,000. It was agreed their request for a paid employee to handle the <br /> Neighborhood Coordinator Program could not be granted at this time. <br /> 4. Agreed to separate the Public Works Budget into separate categories for clarification, <br /> i.e. Westwind, Little League,pathways <br /> 5. Change litter control in Public Works Budget to $20,000 and include graffiti removal <br /> in the facility maintenance and security budget for Public Works. <br /> 6. Remove the $23,000 for the pickup truck with cab from the Vehicle and Equipment <br /> Capital Budget. <br /> Casey asked that the fee schedule be agendized for Council discussion and Council agreed she <br /> could bring this up at the regular City Council Meeting under Council Initiated Items. <br /> MOTION SECONDED AND FAILED: Moved by Dauber, seconded by Siegel and failed by the <br /> following roll call vote to reduce the Utility and Information Systems Budget from <br /> $2,500 to $500. <br /> AYES: Mayor Pro Tem Dauber and Councilmember Siegel <br /> NOES: Mayor Johnson and Councilmembers Casey and Finn <br /> June 3, 1999 <br /> Special City Council Meeting <br /> 3 <br />