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5.5 Discussion of project priorities for Planning Department <br /> • Casey raised the issue of discussing the allowed development area for constrained lots. She <br /> indicated that it had been agreed to agendize this issue at the last Council Meeting especially as it <br /> afftected the Burger application. Siegel noted that rather than change the entire policy,the <br /> appeal process could be used. Casey did not agree with this as the staff report would reflect that <br /> the applicants were requesting much more development area than presently allowed and this <br /> could alarm the neighbors. <br /> Mrs. Burger, Westwind Way, explained her understanding of the appeal process and noted that <br /> she had appealed the Planning Commission's denial of their project. <br /> PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To add the following two projects to the list of planning projects in <br /> the 5/6/99 staff report: #15 -review of ordinance regarding allowed development area for <br /> constrained lots and#16 -basement ordinance. <br /> Casey stated that her priorities were issues that affected the residents the most. She further <br /> believed there should be a balance between long term strategic planning issues and individual <br /> applications. The Planning Commission should also be used more effectively to deal with long <br /> term issues. Casey listed the following as her priorities: #15 -review of ordinance regarding <br /> allowed development area for constrained lots; #7 revision to Matadero Creek Conditions; #16 <br /> basement ordinance and#14 review process for considering location of off-road pathways. <br /> Siegel believed the implementation of the Housing Element was very important. He also <br /> referred to the Packard Use Permit Ordinance as being a high priority. The City Manager <br /> reported that staff had met with representatives of the Packard family and preliminary <br /> discussions were underway. No formal application had been filed but the Packard Foundation <br /> • was planning to informally contact the neighbors about their proposed plans for the Packard <br /> property. Council expressed their concerns about not being involved with this project nor <br /> knowing its status. Casey recommended an informal study session with the Packard Foundation <br /> representatives and the Council to discuss a status of their proposed project. Casey further stated <br /> that she was not supportive of the Packard representatives contacting the neighbors until the <br /> Council had been given an update. She noted that if any of the neighbors were to contact her she <br /> would have no idea about this project. The City Manager noted that he had included this project <br /> in his monthly updates but a study session could certainly be scheduled. <br /> PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To remove the following from the planning project list: #4 - <br /> conservation/open space element; #5 -parcel data base (completed) ; #6 development review <br /> process revisions (fast track ordinance set for public hearing at 5/12/99 Planning Commission <br /> and 6/3/99 City Council Meeting); #9 -revised garage ordinance; #12 planning and building fee <br /> review; and#13 pathways element. Add the following planning project: #17 - construction <br /> recycling materials policy. <br /> It was agreed that the Planning Director could obtain consultant help for the implementation of <br /> the housing element and the circulation element. In addition he would allocate certain time <br /> blocks to work with these consultants on the status of these projects. The Planning Director <br /> referred to the land use element and noted that the consultants, Crawford Multari and Clark,were <br /> scheduled to make a presentation at the June 3'Council Meeting giving an outline of what is <br /> involved with this project. The Planning Director further noted that the revision to the Matadero <br /> Creek conditions was scheduled for the first Planning Commission in June. <br /> May 6, 1999 <br /> Regular City Council Meeting <br /> 3 <br />