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€. 3. PLANNING COMMISSION REPORT <br />The Planning Director reported on the following items discussed at the 2/25/98 Planning <br />Commission Meeting: Lands of Congregation Beth Am, 26790 Amstradem Road: request for a <br />conditional use permit and a site development permit for the construction of a 7,050 square foot <br />multi-purpose building, additions of 4,225 square feet of classroom and administrative buildings <br />and 142 new parking spaces to an existing religious facility, and proposed negative declaration — <br />recommended approval, set for public hearing at the 3/18/98 City Council Meeting; Lands of <br />Prime Home Development, 12129 Oak Park Court: request for a site development permit for a <br />new residence, pool and sport court, and a variance to allow grading with ten feet of a property <br />line - approved; Lands of Loughmiller, 25309 La Loma Drive: request for pre -zoning of a 1.22 <br />acre parcel in Santa Clara County that is to be annexed to the Town — recommended approval, set <br />for public hearing at the 3/18/98 City Council Meeting; and Lands of Doman, 13113 Byrd Lane: <br />request for a variance to allow a storage shed to encroach into the required thirty foot rear yard <br />setback - denied. <br />Casey commented that she had recently listened to several tapes of Planning Commission <br />Meeting and she found this a very worthwhile experience toward understanding what was <br />discussed at the meetings. She commended Planning Commission Chairman Gottlieb for her <br />efficient handling of the meetings. Casey also noted however that the sound system in Council <br />Chambers was poor and should be replaced. It was agreed that Mayor Pro Tem Johnson would <br />work with the Public Works Manager on a new sound system. Casey further commented that she <br />was unavailable for the proposed April 29" Joint Meeting of the Council and Planning <br />Commission and it was agreed that the Planning Director would get some new dates from the <br />Commission for this meeting. <br />4. CONSENT CALENDAR <br />Items Removed: 4.1 - 2/10/98 minutes (Casey) and 2/18/98 minutes (Dauber) <br />MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Johnson, seconded by Hubbard and passed <br />unanimously to approve the balance of the Consent Calendar, specifically: <br />4.2 Approved Warrants: $308,466.29 (2/26/98) <br />4.3 Decided Not To Review the following Planning Commission Action at its meeting on <br />February 11, 1998: <br />4.3a Lands of Chan, 12125 Oak Park Court: approved request for a site development <br />permit for a new residence and pool <br />4.4 Rejected Claim: Ronald Reynolds <br />4.5 Awarded Certificate of Appreciation: Juliet Helft, Community Relations <br />Committee <br />4.6 Issued Proclamation: Absolutely Incredible Kid Day: Much 19, 1998 <br />Items Removed: <br />March 4, 1998 <br />Regular City Council Meeting <br />