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Jon Halvorsen, Senior Sales Manager of Teleminder, explained the benefits of having a <br />Teleminder system at the Town. He noted that Teleminder was a stand-alone computer system <br />which would tie into the Town's phone system and which the Town would own and operate on <br />site. Its map -based interface would allow the Town to quickly contact residents in certain parts or <br />all of the Town on emergency matters, i.e. fire. Mr. Halvorsen also noted that there were twelve <br />Teleminder systems in California including Atherton and Milpitas. He commented that the <br />system came with maps of the Town which were updated every two years. The updates of the <br />phone numbers occurred about once a quarter and it was estimated that to update this phone list <br />would take about fifteen minutes. Mr. Halvorsen explained other applications for this program <br />such as contacting the elderly or those in need of assistance. He also explained what happened if <br />an answering machine was reached. The cost of this system was $29,500 with a maintenance <br />charge of 15% of total purchase price per year for maintenance. Mr. Halvorsen presented a <br />demonstration for the Council and was available to answer any questions. <br />Betsy Bertram, 11854 Page Mill Road, asked if there was off-site backup and Mr. Halvorsen <br />responded that backup tapes were kept at their offices. <br />Dr. Robert Smithwick, 25215 La Loma Drive, asked about the liability issue and the City <br />Attorney responded that she would be looking into that issue. <br />Dauber asked to see a copy of the instruction booklet <br />PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To direct the City Attorney to contact Atherton and to discuss in <br />detail their use of the Teleminder system and to report back to the City Council. <br />3. PLANNING COMMISSION REPORT <br />`r The Planning Director reported that the following items were discussed at the 5/13/98 Planning <br />Commission Meeting: Lands of Wong, 14470 DeBell Road: approved request for a site <br />development permit for a new 4,363 square foot residence with an attached 651 square foot <br />three -car garage; Lands of Doman, 13113 Byrd Lane: approved request for a site development <br />permit for a shed and a variance to encroach into the side yard setback; Lands of Doman, 13113 <br />Byrd Lane: approved request for a site development permit for a 410 square foot addition on the <br />first floor and a 500 square foot addition on the second floor with no increase in height; Lands of <br />Kwong, 14470 Manuella Avenue: approved request for a site development permit for a <br />swimming pool and a major addition and remodel, adding 300 square feet to the first floor and <br />1,114 square feet to the second floor; and Lands of Ewald, 26131 Altadena Drive: approved <br />request for a site development permit for 2,145 square foot one-story addition, and a 825 square <br />foot garage with a maximum height of 16 'h feet. <br />4. CONSENT CALENDAR <br />Item Removed: 4.3 (Siegel) <br />MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Johnson, seconded by Hubbard and passed <br />unanimously to approve the balance of the Consent Calendar, specifically: <br />4.1 Approved Minutes: May 6, 1998 <br />4.2 Approved Warrants: $102,033.01 (5/15/98) <br />May 20, 1998 <br />Regular City Council Meeting <br />