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2. APPOINTMENTS AND PRESENTATIONS <br />2.1 Appointments to Planning Commission <br />Council had received five applications for the Planning Commission as well as letters from Carol <br />Gottlieb and Richard Aurelio stating they would like to be considered for reappointment. <br />Sandra Humphries, 26238 Fremont Road, stated that she actually supported the reappointment of <br />the current Commissioners as she thought they were doing an excellentjob. She had applied <br />really to keep her name in the pool for future openings on the Commission. Ms. Humphries also <br />commented on her support of native plantings in the Town, on public as well as private property. <br />Safwat Malek, 12663 Corte Madera, commented on his interest in serving on the Planning <br />Commission. In response to an inquiry from Council about the number of projects in Town for <br />which he worked as the architect, he responded that he was actually semi -retired and had only <br />had a couple of remodels in the last few years. He believed that improvement could be made in <br />the area of adhering to compliance with the Town's ordinances. <br />Lisa Vellequette, 25505 Bledsoe Court, noted that she had quite a bit of experience in building <br />homes and she believed working on the Planning Commission would be a good way to use her <br />knowledge and give back to the community. She believed changes should be made to the <br />meeting process on applications allowing for more interaction, ability to answer questions and <br />explain issues after the actual public hearing had been closed. The guidelines should be followed <br />fairly for all projects and if the guidelines were not working then they should be changed. <br />Janet Vitu, 13826 Page Mill Road, stated that she was familiar with Town issues and supported <br />upholding the Town's ordinances and guidelines. She had a background in mechanical <br />engineering and had the time and energy to contribute to the community. She recommended <br />more communication with the applicants early in the process to save them time and money. <br />Carol Gottlieb, 24290 Summerhill, expressed her interest in reappointment to the Planning <br />Commission and commented on the importance of the planning process in the Town. <br />Richard Aurelio, 25320 La Loma Drive, commented that he thought the planning process was <br />working well but it was difficult. He also noted that as a Planning Commissioner he had learned <br />how to diffuse emotional issues. <br />An application had been received from Michael Schoendorf but he was not present at the <br />meeting. <br />PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To reappoint Carol Gottlieb and Richard Aurelio to the Planning <br />Commission for four-year terms. <br />Council thanked all of the applicants and suggested they considerjoining other Town <br />committees. <br />3. PLANNING COMMISSION REPORT <br />The Planning Director reported that the following actions were taken at the 6/10/98 Planning <br />Commission Meeting: Lands of Romer, 28500 Matadero Creek Lane: request for a Site <br />Development Permit for a new two-story residence, second unit, cabana and pool with a total <br />June 17, 1998 <br />Regular City Council Meeting <br />