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Jerry Bishop, architect, commented that in 1993 the original plans for this project included <br />a crushed granite floor and orchard trees. <br />MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Hubbard, seconded by Dauber and <br />passed unanimously by all members present to approve the request from the Historical <br />Society for a concrete slab to be installed in the Farm Cutting Shed on Town Hall property. <br />7. REPORTS FROM COMMITTEES, SUB -COMMITTEES, AND COUNCILMEMBERS <br />ON OUTSIDE AGENCIES <br />7.1 Community Relations Committee <br />7.1.1 Approval of Town Questionnaire <br />Roy Woolsey, Chairman of the Community Relations Committee, noted that the committee had <br />revised the Town Questionnaire subject to comments made by Council at an earlier meeting. <br />The committee planned to use this questionnaire for about three to four months, compile the <br />results and then re-evaluate the questionnaire and report to Council. The plan would be to have <br />questionnaires at the front counter at Town Hall and at City Council Meetings. In addition a <br />questionnaire would be sent to residents completing an application process or some other <br />involvement with the Town. The committee at this time was asking for Council approval of the <br />questionnaire and the process for using it. <br />Council discussed the proposed questionnaire. Hubbard expressed concerns about several of the <br />questions. For instance, the responses to the question `Were your questions answered <br />satisfactorily? could be misleading in that someone might answer no if they did not get the <br />answer they wanted. He also did not agree with the question `Was there anything an employee <br />did that particularly pleased or displeased you? Hubbard believed this was an inappropriate <br />question and unfair to the Town's staff. Dauber stated that she was not in favor of the <br />questionnaire. She believed it was asking for criticisim and it was not the role of the Community <br />Relations Committee to evaluate comments made about staff. In addition if people took the time <br />to send in a response to the questionnaire they would expect to get a response to their comments <br />and this may not necessarily be the case. She supported a suggestion box at Town Hall and in <br />the Council Chambers. She also suggested putting a notebook for comments and responses in <br />the Council Chambers. This was done at the library and was quite successful. Hubbard <br />concurred with these suggestions. Johnson referred to the questionnaire and commented that it <br />should include a statement to attach a 32 cent stamp. <br />Betsy Bertram, 11854 Page Mill Road, concurred with the Council's comments made about the <br />questionnaire. She too did not think that the responses would be accurate. <br />PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To continue the decision on the Town Questionnaire until a <br />meeting at which the full Council was present and to request that the Community Relations <br />Committee defer any more work on this project until Council made a decision. <br />7.1.2 Discussion on Town Greeter at Council Meetings <br />Roy Woolsey, Chairman of the Community Relations Committee, asked the Council for <br />direction concerning the Town Greeter at Council Meetings. Did they think it was worthwhile? <br />Did they want to see it continue? He noted that the committee members themselves were divided <br />as to its merit. <br />July 15, 1998 <br />Regular City Council Meeting <br />