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benefits the Town had. This agreement would provide for Town full time status and <br />L benefits for Jeanne and would require the Fire District to reimburse the Town for 40% of <br />�I Jeanne's salary and benefits in payment for her work for the Fire District. The agreement <br />also required the Fire District to pay a $75.00 monthly administrative fee to the Town to <br />offset expenses of payroll and benefit processing. There were no financial impacts to the <br />Town. <br />Dauber questioned whether the Town rather than the County should be lead agency for the <br />Fire District as was the case with the library. Siegel however noted that a quarter of the <br />Fire District was in the County. No action was taken on this discussion. <br />MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Siegel, seconded by Casey and passed <br />unanimously to adopt Resolution # 104-98 approving an agreement with the Los Altos Hills <br />County Fire District regarding services provided by Jeanne Evilsizer. <br />6.2 Approval of agreement with Crawford, Multari and Clark Associates for professional <br />planning services to prepare Phase 2 of update to the Town's General Plan (Land Use, <br />Open Space, Conservation and Recreation Elements) — Reso # <br />The Planning Director reported that in January of 1998 the City Council had approved a <br />contract with Crawford, Multari and Clark to update the Circulation and Scenic Roadways <br />Element of the General Plan. A public hearing on this element was scheduled for the <br />December 2nd Council Meeting. This agreement before Council was for phase two which <br />encompassed the Land Use, Open Space, Conservation and Recreation Elements of the <br />General Plan. The final phase of the General Plan update would comprise the Noise <br />Element and Safety Element and would be initiated upon additional Council approval and <br />substantial completion of phase two. Staff hoped that the entire General Plan update would <br />be completed by late 1999 or early 2000. <br />MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Siegel, seconded by Dauber and <br />passed unanimously to adopt Resolution #105-98 approving and authorizing execution of <br />an agreement between the Town of Los Altos Hills and Crawford, Multari and Clark <br />Associates. <br />6.3 Determination of roof color at 12840 Lucero Lane, Lands of Butter and Pope <br />This item was continued at the request of the applicant. <br />7. REPORTS FROM COMMITTEES, SUB -COMMITTEES, AND COUNCILMEMBERS <br />ON OUTSIDE AGENCIES <br />8. STAFF REPORTS <br />8.1 City Manager <br />8. 1.1 Status Report on Capital Improvement Projects <br />The City Manager reported that the paving project was almost done; however, the slurry seal was <br />going to be postponed due to the weather. The LaCresta Landslide project was completed and <br />the Edgerton Road project was due to begin on Monday. <br />November 4, 1998 <br />Regular City Council Meeting <br />