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foods). A production company had been hired for the event. In addition the possibility of a time <br />capsule was being discussed. The Packard Foundation had given the committee a $25,000 grant <br />and the committee planned to come back at a future meeting and ask the Town for financial <br />support. The Los Altos City Council would be discussing this issue at their next meeting. <br />Council agreed to agendize the request for financial aid from the Millennium Committee when it <br />was received. <br />5. PLANNING COMMISSION REPORT <br />The Planning Director reported that the following items were discussed at the 11/10/98 Planning <br />Commission Meeting: Lands of Scott, 27860 Black Mountain Road: request for a site <br />development permit for a pond and a landscape plan - approved; Lands of Shorn and Teng, <br />24028 Oak Knoll Circle: request for a site development permit for a new residence and an indoor <br />pool - approved; and a public hearing on the draft circulation and scenic roadways element of the <br />General Plan — set for public hearing at the 12/2/98 City Council Meeting. <br />6. CONSENT CALENDAR <br />MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Dauber, seconded by Siegel and passed <br />unanimously to approve the Consent Calendar, specifically: <br />6.1 Approved Minutes: November 4, 1998 (Regular Meeting) <br />6.2 Approved Warrants: $341,272.92 (11/1/98— 11/24/98) <br />6.3 Accepted La Cresta Drive Landslide Repair Project, CIP98-99, Pavex <br />Construction Company -- Reso #107-98 <br />6.4 Adopted Ordinance #396 adding Article 3 (Term Limits) to Chapter 1 (City Council) <br />to Title 2 (Administration) of the Los Altos Hills Municipal Code regarding City <br />Council Term Limits <br />6.5 Authorized purchase of a replacement vehicle for the Building Official — <br />Reso #108-98 <br />6.6 Adopted a Resolution of Commitment: Silicon Valley 2010: A Regional <br />Framework for Growing Together — Reso #109-98 <br />6.7 Awarded Certificate of Appreciation: Betsy Bertram, Pathways Recreation <br />and Parks Committee <br />7. UNFINISHED BUSINESS <br />8. NEW BUSINESS <br />8.1 Determination of roof color at 12840 Lucero Lane, Lands of Bulfer and Pope <br />The Planning Director presented an overview of this application. In 8/97 staff approved a site <br />development permit for an addition of 418 square feet, additional patio and decks, interior <br />remodeling and a new roof There was no neighbor input as their only concerns were about the <br />December 2, 1998 <br />Regular City Council Meeting <br />