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Tom Barclay, Air Traffic Manager, Federal Aviation Administration, Bay TRACON, <br />L who manages flight rules. The recommendation before Council was for the Mayor to <br />%W send this letter to Mr. Barclay with the goal of stopping the increased noise from <br />commercial flights. <br />Marjorie Evans, 14511 DeBell Drive, gave a brief summary of this matter which seemed <br />to become an issue for the Town about every ten years. She strongly supported bringing <br />it to the attention of those in charge so that they would be reminded of the Town's <br />history as related to noise from commercial jets and would be agreeable to correcting it <br />at this time. <br />MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Dauber, seconded by Johnson and <br />passed unanimously by all members present to agree that the Mayor would send the <br />letter to Mr. Barclay on the issue of increased noise in the Town from commercial <br />flights. Council thanked Ms. Evans for her work on this project. <br />8. STAFF REPORTS <br />8.1 City Manager <br />8.1.1 Quarry Project <br />The City Manager reported that Mr. V idovich's priority appeared to be with his <br />residence rather than the subdivision. Submittals on the subdivision in the fall and again <br />in January were incomplete but now a submittal was with Engineering. It was noted that <br />the building permit for the house could not be pulled until the conditions of the <br />subdivision were met. <br />8.1.2 Rogez Subdivision <br />The City Manager noted that the storm drain agreement with the Rogez had been signed. <br />8.1.3 Solid Waste <br />The City Manager commented that a meeting with the Solid Waste Subcommittee was <br />scheduled for 5/8/97 and there was a July V deadline to get the issues resolved. <br />8.1.4 Abode Creek Hillside <br />The City Manager noted that a request had been received from the Pathway Committee <br />for the Adobe Creek Hillside path to be graded for the pathway walk scheduled for June <br />7'". The City Manager reported that due to previous commitments staff was unable to <br />get this project done by June 7' and if contracted out it would be more than $5,000. <br />Although the path could not be graded, he noted that it was passable. Dauber <br />commented that Les Earnest, the Chairman of the Pathways Committee, and his son had <br />done an enormous amount of work on the path themselves and she really believed this <br />path should be graded for the walk. <br />MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Johnson, seconded by Hubbard <br />and passed unanimously by all members present to add the following item to the agenda <br />as an urgency item: authorization for the City Manager to enter into a contract not to <br />exceed $10,000 to grade the entire length of the Adobe Creek Hillside path. <br />May 7, 1997 <br />Regular City Council Meeting <br />