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4.3 Approved final map and subdivision improvement agreement, Reed <br />1,, <br />fir' <br />Subdivision, 13940 La Paloma Road — Reso #64-97 <br />4.4. Approved Warrants: $239,399.55 (8/8/97) <br />Dauber referred to the new format for the warrant list and commented that she preferred to see <br />the account numbers listed for easy reference. Staff noted that this format was indeed only <br />temporary. <br />4.5 Accepted Dedication of Right of Way, Lands of Rabbani, 25630 Darling Lane — <br />Reso #65-97 <br />4.6 Approved agreement with Aleuron Systems for Computer Consulting <br />Services — Reso #66-97 <br />5. UNFINISHED BUSINESS <br />5.1 Update on contract negotiations with LAGCO and request for extension of deadline <br />for negotiations <br />Bill Jones, General Manager - Los Altos Garbage Company, noted that they had received the <br />draft contract this afternoon and were in the process of reviewing it. <br />PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To extend the deadline for contract negotiations with the Los Altos <br />Garbage ComRany until August 29' and if a contract is agreed upon set the public hearing for <br />September 17 . It was further agreed the City Manager would obtain Council comment on the <br />notice to he sent to residents on this issue. <br />6. NEW BUSINESS <br />7. REPORTS FROM COMMITTEES, SUB -COMMITTEES, AND COUNCILMEMBERS ON <br />OUTSIDE AGENCIES <br />8. STAFF REPORTS <br />8.1 City Manager <br />8.2 City Attorney <br />8.3 City Clerk <br />8.3.1 Report on Council Correspondence <br />It was agreed that the Mayor would send letters to those writing about the yardwaste center <br />advising them that this issue would be discussed at a public hearing of the Council. In addition, <br />it was agreed that Mr.and Mrs. Grey should receive a response to their letter on the proposed <br />school project for the Morgan Manor. Regarding <br />the two letters received concerning the Lands <br />of Butts, it was agreed that if Council wished to respond they could do so individually. <br />9. COUNCIL -INITIATED ITEMS <br />9.1 Authorization to attend the Elected Officials Leadership Academy Fall Workshop — <br />League of California Cities, October 11, 1997 - San Francisco <br />August 20, 1997 <br />Regular City Council Meeting <br />