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The accomplishments for 1995 included in part the following: made <br />recommendations on four subdivisions and 62 major development projects; made a <br />recommendation for reconstruction of Lupine -Elena path without additional <br />easements, inspected all paths in Town, formulated a pathway capital improvement <br />priority list; worked on the revision to the Pathway Element of the General Plan; <br />drafted a proposed revision to the in lieu fee policy; organized two pathway days; <br />drafted proposed pathway engineering standards; and worked with the County <br />Bicycle Advisory Committee and Caltrans on various bicycle lanes. <br />A discussion of the goals for 1996 took place. It was agreed that the following would <br />be priority goals for 1996: working with staff, Planning Commission and Council on <br />updating the following documents: Pathway Element of the General Plan, <br />Ordinance defining in lieu fees for pathways, Engineering standards for pathways, <br />List of streets that are to have paths on both sides, Master Pathway Plan and the <br />Bicycle Plan. The subject of slippery driveways was also discussed. It was not on the <br />goals list but the committee believed it should be. Siegel commented that this <br />involved a lot of staff time and legal costs and questioned whether it was worth it. <br />Council also referred to driveways which had needed roughening twice. The <br />suggestion was made to send a letter to the owner requesting cooperation but to go <br />no further at this time. It was agreed the Chairman of the Committee would draft a <br />letter on this subject including recommendations on methods of roughening for <br />Council's approval. <br />In conclusion, Council reviewed the Committee's list of pathway priorities some of <br />which were buildable now and others which were awaiting easement or approval. <br />Council thanked the Pathways Recreation and Parks Committee for their report and <br />their achievements during the past year and continuing goals for 1996-97. <br />3. PRESENTATIONS FROM THE FLOOR <br />4. ADIOURNMENT <br />There being no further new or old business to discuss, the City Council <br />Meeting was adjourned at 6:00 p.m. <br />Respectful submitted, <br />Patricia Dowd <br />City Clerk <br />The minutes of the March 6, 1996 Adjourned Regular City Council Meeting <br />were approved at the March 20, 1996 Regular City Council Meeting. <br />March 6, 1996 <br />Adjourned Regular Meeting <br />