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♦ for a site development permit for a detached guest house - denied; and Lands of <br />Shideler, 27994 Via Ventana Way: request for a site development permit for a new <br />residence and to modify roadway median to provide driveway access - denied. <br />4. CONSENT CALENDAR <br />Items Removed: 4.1 (Dauber) and 4.8 (City Attorney) <br />MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Casey, seconded by Hubbard and <br />passed unanimously by all members present to approve the Consent Calendar, <br />specifically: <br />4.2 Approved Warrants: $117,558.12(3/15/96) <br />$167,207.47 (3/29/96) <br />4.3 Decided Not To Review the following Planning Commission Actions <br />at Its Meeting on March 27,1996: <br />4.3a Lands of Peirce, 12008 Emerald Hill Lane: approved request for <br />a Site Development Permit for a new residence and a variance <br />to allow grading closer than ten feet from the property line <br />` 4.3b Lands of Ploss, 13349 LaCresta Drive: approved request for a <br />Conditional Development Permit and a Site Development <br />Permit for a carport and variances to allow the structure to <br />encroach fifteen feet into the rear setback <br />4.4 Issued Proclamation: Honoring David Packard <br />4.5 Awarded Certificate of Appreciation: Robert Hatch, Safety Committee <br />4.6 Adopted ordinance #382 amending the Zoning Code regarding slope <br />density calculations, building circle requirements and service uses <br />as conditional uses <br />4.7 Approved 1) Resolution vacating portion of right-of-way of Oak <br />Knoll Drive; 2) Resolution to approve quitclaim deed to convey land <br />to owner of adjacent property (Sash); and 3) Certificate of Compliance <br />for Lands of Saah, 24024 Oak Knoll Circle -- Resolutions #19-96 and <br />#20-96 <br />Items Removed: <br />4.1 Approval of Minutes: March 20, 1996 <br />April 17, 1996 <br />