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neighborhood and balancing the rural community and the use of the land. He <br />believed the committee worked well together toward the attainment of these goals. <br />Siegel noted that Councilmember Casey had been unable to attend this meeting but <br />he shared some of her concerns related to the Environmental Design and Protection <br />Committee reviewing and commenting on certain aspects of projects which were <br />not related to their charges. Complaints had been received from applicants. <br />Hubbard too expressed concerns about the many levels of government one had to go <br />through for a project. Dauber believed this committee was a strong advocate for the <br />environment and supported their comments on projects. <br />Guy Jinkerson noted that the committee made its comments available for the <br />Planning Commission reports and this process seemed to work well for both the <br />applicant and the Town. Sharyn Brown stated that they advised the applicant that <br />they worked with the Planning Commission. She also believed it was important for <br />the committee to voice their opinions and then the Planning Commission and <br />Council could do what they wanted with the information. <br />Siegel asked the committee to pay particular attention to the location of dead oak <br />trees, advertising signs and where street trees should be placed. Siegel <br />recommended that the committee specifically address the placement of street trees <br />when reviewing an application. Dauber asked what the committee thought of the <br />new fire regulations including wider roads. In response, Mr. Jinkerson said they <br />needed clarfication from the Fire Department on these regulations. Dauber <br />commented that when the new Town Handbook was done, the section on <br />environmental issues was deleted due to length of the booklet. She suggested that a <br />separate pamphlet be prepared on environmental design and protection issues and <br />be inserted as a supplement to the handbook. It was further suggested that the <br />design guidelines checklist be used again by the committee when reviewing a <br />project. Council noted that an ordinance on processing issues would soon be going <br />to the Planning Commission for review and suggested that the Environmental <br />Design and Protection Committee might want to review this ordinance and provide <br />input. <br />2. APPOINTMENTS AND PRESENTATIONS <br />2.1 Appointment to Environmental Design and Protection Committee <br />Ralph Cheek, 27525 Edgerton Road, introduced himself to the Council. He <br />commented that he was retired and they had settled in Los Altos Hills. He thought <br />it time to get involved in the community after many years of moving around. <br />May 15, 1996 <br />Regular City Council Meeting <br />