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'6" Minutes of an Adjourned Regular Meeting <br />June 5, 1996 <br />Town of Los Altos Hills <br />City Council Meeting <br />Wednesday, June 5,1996,4:30 P.M. <br />Council Chambers, 26379 Fremont Road <br />1. CALL TO ORDER <br />AND ROLL CALL <br />Mayor Siegel called the Adjourned Regular Meeting of the City Council to <br />order at 4:30 p.m. <br />in the Council Chambers at Town Hall. <br />Present: <br />Mayor Siegel and Councilmembers Casey, Dauber, <br />Hubbard and Johnson <br />Absent: <br />None <br />Staff: <br />City Manager/City Engineer Jeff Peterson, Planning <br />i <br />Director Curtis Williams, Public Works Manager Ed <br />Taylor, Finance Director Carol Ferrell and City Clerk <br />Pat Dowd <br />Press: <br />None <br />2. STUDY SESSION ON PROPOSED BUDGET FOR FY 96-97 AND GOALS <br />AND OBJECTIVES FOR FY 96-97 <br />Council discussed the goals and objectives for FY 96-97 as set forth in the City <br />Manager's staff report. <br />PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To add the following objectives for FY 96-97: <br />Policy Issues - add H: Establish a policy for cellular antennas in Town.; <br />Delivery of Services - add E: Establish a sub -committee to evaluate the <br />communication system in Town with the residents.; Intrastructure - change C <br />to read: Continue and evaluate the long range road maintenance and <br />improvement program; amend D to include an area at Town Hall for a <br />Council office; add E: Develop a strategy for pathway maintenance.; and <br />Administrative - add C: Review and update policy manual; and add D: <br />Establish a reserve policy. <br />June 5, 1996 <br />Adjourned Regular Meeting <br />