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AbW PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To authorize staff to prepare the resolution <br />approving a 1.6% salary increase for FY 96-97. <br />Jim Steiner, Chairman of the Finance Committee, referred to the minutes of <br />the May 30 and June 4 Finance Committee Meetings at which time they <br />discussed the proposed budget. Mr. Steiner gave an overview of the <br />discussions at these meetings. The committee's recommendations included <br />in part the following: changing the City Manager's vehicle expense to a <br />reimbursable expense for tax purposes; redistributing the costs for the data <br />base project; including an estimate for the new finance system; and keeping <br />the Emergency Preparedness budget at $1,000; <br />Council addressed the data base project. The City Manager noted that this <br />project would be coming to Council at their June 19th meeting for approval. <br />At that time the report would note what the data base would include and <br />what optional information was available. Casey raised the issue of a <br />subcommittee for better communication with the residents. This <br />subcommittee would review what issues should be brought to the entire <br />community for comment, how they should be notified (newsletter? phone?) <br />and other related items. Included in this discussion will be a review of the <br />use of the Town Crier as a source of notification. Dauber commented on the <br />continued use of microfilm and the City Manager noted that the Technology <br />Improvement Committee would be looking into other methods of storing <br />records during the next year. In the meantime she suggested that as the <br />microfilm was used, a notation be made of what was on the page. A <br />discussion was held on the Town reserves with Casey stating that she thought <br />the Town's reserves were too high and Hubbard commenting that these <br />reserves were important for funding possible future projects. <br />PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To request the Finance Committee to review and <br />recommend a policy for the reserves in the General Fund. This <br />recommendation should include at what level the reserves should be and <br />when they should be drawn down. Casey requested an explanation of these <br />reserves (assets and/or cash). <br />PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To add a pathway fund on the summary listing for <br />general and construction funds and to indicate what this fund is used for. <br />Also on this summary, the line item 'Operating Reserve' should be changed <br />to 'Reserves available for capital and operating'. <br />3. PRESENTATIONS FROM THE FLOOR <br />June 5, 1996 <br />Adjourned Regular Meeting <br />