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` City Manager: Database — change $4,000 to $600. <br />` Finance: Include figure for new finance system. <br />Community Services: Chamber of Commerce - change $1,000 to $500; Mid - <br />Peninsula Support Network - change $1,500 to $750; Joint Venture - change $2,000 to <br />$1,000; add Historical Society's request for farm equipment shed project in the <br />amount of $2,000, subject to the submittal of plans, permits, etc.; and agree to <br />participate in a countywide Domestic Violence Protective Order Registry in the <br />amount of $1,251, subject to the approval of the other cities in the County. <br />Town Committees: The $7,000 budgeted figure for the proofing of Town Codes is <br />contingent upon the Council's approval of Town Ordinance Database Project. <br />Emergency Preparedness: Change $900 to $1,000. <br />Planning: To increase the Planning Commissioners' salaries from $4,200 to $8,400. <br />Animal Control: Show revenue received from Palo Alto. <br />Solid Waste: Incorporate garbage rates being charged into budget as an informational <br />item. <br />To add the $385 maintenance charge for the fax to the budget. <br />2. APPOINTMENTS AND PRESENTATIONS <br />3. PLANNING COMMISSION REPORT <br />Planning Commissioner McMahon reported that the following applications were <br />discussed at the 5/22/96 Planning Commission Meeting: Lands of Taaffe, 12308 <br />Conception Road: recommended approval of a conditional use permit renewal for a <br />construction equipment and storage yard; Lands of Lohr, 12121 Oak Park Circle: <br />approved request for a site development permit for a new residence, tennis court <br />and pool; Lands of Ringold/Zarucki, 12004 Adobe Creek Lodge Road: approved <br />request for a site development permit for a new residence, pool and cabana; and <br />Lands of Mersey, 13081 Alta Lane South: request for a site development permit for a <br />new residence, pool and spa - continued. <br />Casey referred to the Lands of Lohr and the requirement that the building material <br />be something other than stucco. She did not agree with imposing such conditions <br />when it was not part of the Code and not a policy of the Council. Casey thought this <br />subjective and inquired as to the level of architectural control the Town planned to <br />exert. Commissioner McMahon responded that it was the Commission's intent to <br />attain a variety of homes thus curtailing stucco homes in certain locations where <br />June 5, 1996 <br />Regular City Council Meeting <br />