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completed in 1995. These included: construction of pathway from the end of Byrd <br />(4fit" Lane to the fire road coming from Middle Fork Lane; reconstruction of pathway <br />from Lupine to Elena; completion of path from Zappettini Court to Central Drive; <br />and construction of switchbacks on pathway along 28615 and 28620 Matadero Court. <br />The goals listed for 1995 include the following: annual update of the pathway maps; <br />completion of the pathway entrance post project; establishment of a design standard <br />for pathway slopes; formulation of criteria for slippery driveways, continuation of <br />evaluation and improvement of the Town's bikeway paths; plans for three pathway <br />days and coordination of efforts with the Safety Committee on emergency access <br />routes. The priorities for 1995 include several projects some of which may need <br />outside authorization and/or funding. The five priority projects for 1995 include: <br />completion of path along Fremont Road opposite Pinewood School; construction of <br />path from end of Fremont Road to Redwood Grove; construction of path below Page <br />Mill from Fawn Creek to Three Forks; construction of bike path from Magdalena at <br />280 to El Monte at Stonebrook and reconstruction of pathway from Westwind Barn <br />to Central Drive. <br />Siegel raised the issue of the pathway post project. He noted that this project had <br />been delayed for almost two years. He recommended the committee implement <br />installation of the pathway posts which would include marking and recording the <br />posts. In addition design standards for pathway slopes should be established with <br />the gradiants and damage noted when the posts were recorded. Council commented <br />( on the 1995 priority project concerning the construction of a path from the end of <br />�W Fremont Road to the Redwood Grove and noted that this involved the City of Los <br />Altos. The committee agreed that a more appropriate approach at this time was to <br />encourage the Council to contact Los Altos concerning this project. Council agreed <br />that a policy should be decided on pathway in -lieu fees, paths on both sides of a <br />street? on which side of a street should a path be located? It was agreed the <br />committee would work on a draft of this policy. Council further noted that the <br />priority list for new paths should be divided into two groups: 1) paths for which the <br />Town has easements and 2) paths that the Town would like to develop but which <br />need easements. This matter could be looked at during budget discussions. Council <br />recommended that a priority be a monitoring and maintenance plan for the Town's <br />pathway system. On the subject of slippery driveways, Council noted that this had <br />not been budgeted this year. It costs approximately $300 a driveway and it had been <br />decided not to include this item this year. Hubbard believed the driveway <br />roughening should be done only in the most critical areas as some residents found it <br />very upsetting. Dauber recommended that a list of criteria for slippery driveways be <br />established. She further commented that the committee should recommend a list <br />of the important driveways needing roughening not just a list of twenty-five (the <br />maximum number approved by Council for annual driveway roughening) <br />driveways a year. <br />January 18, 1995 <br />`„ Adjourned Regular Meeting <br />