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�w Minutes of an Adjourned Regular Meeting <br />September 19, 1995 <br />Town of Los Altos Hills <br />City Council and Planning Commission <br />Meeting <br />Tuesday, September 19, 1995, 5:00 P.M. <br />Council Chambers, 26379 Fremont Road <br />1. CALL TO ORDER AND ROLL CALL <br />Mayor Siegel called the Adjourned Regular Meeting of the City Council and <br />the Planning Commission to order at 5:05 p.m. in the Council Chambers at <br />Town Hall. <br />Present: Mayor Siegel and Councilmembers Casey, Dauber and <br />Hubbard <br />Planning Commissioners Cheng, Doran, Gottlieb, <br />McMahon, Schreiner and Stutz <br />Absent: Councilmember Johnson and Commissioner Finn <br />Staff: City Manager Jeff Peterson, Planning Director Curtis <br />Williams, Assistant Planner Suzanne Davis, Planning <br />Technician Susan Manca and City Clerk Pat Dowd <br />Press: None <br />2. JOINT STUDY SESSION -- SITE DEVELOPMENT REVIEW PROCESS <br />Casey reported that the Development Process Subcommittee of Casey, Cheng, <br />McMahon and Siegel (Siegel had just recently replaced Dauber on this <br />subcommittee) had discussed several issues regarding streamlining the <br />planning process and the results of their efforts were before Council and <br />Commissioners at this meeting for review and comment. In addition to <br />charts outlining the planning review responsibilities and current site <br />September 19, 1995 <br />Adjourned Regular Meeting <br />