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Minutes of an Adjourned Regular Meeting <br />October 30, 1995 <br />Town of Los Altos Hills <br />City Council Meeting <br />Monday, October 30,1995,7:00 P.M. <br />Council Chambers, 26379 Fremont Road <br />1. CALL TO ORDER, ROLL CALL, AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE <br />Mayor Siegel called the Adjourned Regular Meeting of the City Council to <br />order at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers at Town Hall. <br />Present: Mayor Siegel and Councilmembers Casey, Dauber, <br />Hubbard and Johnson <br />Absent: None <br />Staff: City Manager/City Engineer Jeff Peterson, City Attorney <br />Sandy Sloan, Planning Director Curtis Williams and <br />City Clerk Pat Dowd. John Hester, David Powers <br />Consulting Firm (environmental impact report prepared <br />for the Quarry Hills Project) <br />Press: Clyde Noel, Los Altos Town Crier and Don Brignolo, San <br />Jose Mercury <br />2. PRESENTATIONS FROM THE FLOOR <br />3. PUBLIC HEARINGS <br />3.1 Request for certification of the Final Environmental Impact Report, <br />amendments to the Town's General Plan and Zoning Ordinance and <br />approval of a Tentative Map for 23 lots on 78 acres, Quarry I -lilts <br />Subdivision (Lands of Vidovich), 11920 Stonebrook Drive <br />Mayor Siegel noted that he believed several people were present concerning two <br />particular issues of the Quarry Hills Project, namely the sewer issue and the issue of <br />whether or not to declare Stonebrook an emergency access road only. In view of this <br />he opened the public hearing and welcomed their comments. <br />October 30, 1995 <br />Adjourned Regular Meeting <br />