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4%r of street tree planting including location, height and maintenance. The Director of <br />Public Works explained the current tree planting program. He reported that they <br />planted about twenty five at a time with careful attention given to where they were <br />planted (not near power or water lines). He asked that anyone with suggestions let <br />him know now as it was the rainy season and the time to plant. The City Manager <br />suggested a friendly program for trees by neighbors. In this way they could water the <br />trees and see that they were maintained. On the subject of input for plantings on <br />Town -owned land, Council stated that the Environmental Design and Protection <br />Committee as well as the Pathways Recreation and Parks Committee should be <br />making recommendations to Council for plantings on Town -owned lands. Staff <br />could then bring these recommendations to Council for final approval. Tryon asked <br />the Committee to meet with the Pathways Recreation and Parks Committee and <br />discuss the possibility of a community park at Edith and Fremont. She thought this <br />option offered tremendous potential for the residents of the Town. The Adopt -A - <br />Road Program was mentioned as an avenue for identifying and correcting <br />nuisances. The City Manager noted that disposable gloves had been ordered and he <br />could also order tongs. Jean Struthers mentioned the compost available in Los <br />Altos and the City Manager commented that this issue in the Town was one of <br />location. Where to put the compost that would be accessible yet not obtrusive? <br />Several suggestions were made including one at Elena and Purissima. Dauber <br />requested the Environmental Design and Protection Committee take the following <br />four actions: 1) prepare a public relations profile of the Environmental Design and <br />Protection Committee. She thought it most worthwhile for applicants working <br />with the committee members to be aware of their level of expertise.; 2) make the <br />planting guidelines booklet available; 3) prepare a yearly tree planting plan; and 4) <br />prepare an annual report on tree planting on Town -owned lands. Council thanked <br />the members of the Environmental Design and Protection Committee for all of <br />their work and many contributions to the Town. <br />3. PRESENTATIONS FROM THE FLOOR <br />4. ADJOURNMENT <br />There being no further new or old business to discuss, the City Council <br />Meeting was adjourned at 5:55 p.m. <br />Respectfully submitted, <br /> +,..,./ <br />Patricia Dowd <br />City Clerk <br />The minutes of the February 16, 1994 Adjourned Regular City Council <br />Meeting were approved at the March 2, 1994 Regular City Council Meeting. <br />February 16, 1994 <br />Adjourned Regular Meeting <br />