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16, MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Siegel, seconded by Tryon <br />and passed unanimously to approve the following objectives for 1994-95: <br />OBJECTIVES: <br />1. Deliver Services <br />A. New financial accounting system functional by July 1, 1995 <br />B. Installation of voice mail system with appropriate staff training <br />(Moved by Tryon, seconded by Siegel) <br />C. Implementation of improved parcel data base system with <br />appropriate staff training (Moved by Tryon, seconded by Siegel) <br />D. Improvement of computer literacy of staff <br />E. Study options for yard waste program <br />(Moved by Tryon, seconded by Johnson) <br />F. Improved communication between Town Committees, Council <br />and Staff (Passed by Consensus) <br />2. Code Maintenance <br />A. <br />Amend Zoning and Site Development Ordinances to strengthen <br />certain provisions (Passed by Consensus) <br />B. <br />Revised housing element and implementation of its action plan <br />C. <br />Updated General Plan in priority order (Pathway, Circulation, <br />Seismic Safety, Housing, Household Hazardous Waste, Source <br />Reduction) <br />D. <br />Update of Urban Service Area of Town Boundary Map <br />(Moved by Siegel, seconded by Tryon) <br />E. <br />Implement Council review of Policy Manual <br />(Moved by Dauber, seconded by Tryon) <br />3. Infrastructure <br />A. Maintenance program for existing roads, paths, parks and other <br />public improvements and/or construction of selected paths <br />B. Fully functional long range road maintenance program <br />C. Completion of feasibility study of purchase of park property and <br />of appropriate action <br />D. Completion of plans and specifications and bid package for Town <br />Hall Modification Project (Moved by Siegel, seconded by Tryon) <br />June 29, 1994 <br />Adjourned Regular Meeting <br />