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2.1 Interviews and Appointments to Planning Commission <br />Council had received applications from the following for appointment to the <br />Planning Commission: Marshall Balfe, Shelley Doran, Carol Gottlieb and Ray <br />Rooker. In addition Planning Commissioner Mary Stutz had submitted a letter <br />requesting consideration of reappointment. <br />Ray Rooker, 12819 Viscaino Road, referred to his application which Council had <br />received as well as his comments on what he believed was good and bad about the <br />Town and what could be done to make it a better place. He further commented on <br />design concepts in general, the issue of 'rural' and ways which he believed would <br />result in better designs such as use of more earth tones to soften stucco and use of <br />rock rather than brick work. <br />Mary Stutz, 25310 Elena Road, commented that she had enjoyed serving as a <br />Planning Commissioner and would look forward to another term. She felt there <br />were many projects to complete such as the review of the General Plan. Mrs. Stutz <br />emphasized the importance of good communication between the Council and the <br />Commission and urged the continuance of the joint meetings. <br />Marshall Balfe, 12390 Hilltop Drive, noted that he had only lived in the Town for <br />one year but he was eager to get involved and believed he had the experience and <br />ability. <br />Carol Gottlieb, 24290 Summerhill, commented that she had enjoyed working with <br />the Town Government over the last seventeen years, particularly as a member of <br />the Pathways Recreation and Parks Committee and would like to continue as a <br />member of the Planning Commission. She further noted that she was particularly <br />proud of her work on the Town Handbook and the Design Guidelines Brochure. <br />Shelley Doran, 24920 La Loma Court, noted that she was continuing her <br />participation as a member of the Environmental Design and Protection Committee <br />and was also keeping up to date on current planning projects. Mrs. Doran stated <br />that she believed site analysis was especially important and also keeping the <br />applicants advised about Town procedures as an aid toward having their projects <br />cost less. <br />Council thanked all of the applicants and stated that it was an extremely difficult <br />decison to make with so many very qualified applicants. <br />MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Tryon, seconded by Johnson and <br />passed unanimously to appoint Carol Gottlieb and Mary Stutz to the Planning <br />Commission, each for a four-year term, ending on June 30, 1998. <br />July 6, 1994 <br />Regular City Council Meeting <br />