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The Council had before them a Pathway Committee update prepared by Chair <br />Carol Gottlieb. She reported that the Committee is very pleased with the <br />progress that has been made in the last few months adding that the Director <br />of Public Works, Jeff Peterson, has been most supportive and is doing a <br />wonderful job. <br />Among the projects in progress discussed were: Bryne Preserve fence --it is <br />almost completed; Taffee Road pole removal-- to be removed by February 10; <br />signing of Paths --40 signs are in and there are 20 more to be set, spraying of <br />paths --a new spraying map has been developed by the Maintenance <br />Supervisor noting that Byrne Park will be sprayed at a later date for Star <br />Thistle; slippery driveways --Peterson presented samples of the product that <br />will be used on concrete and exposed agragate; and the Robleda Road box <br />culvert --weather permitting will be completed next week. <br />Gottlieb commented that Art Mendoza, Maintenance Supervisor and his <br />crew had done an excellent job of clearing the pathways adding that the <br />progress had been a co-operative effort between Staff and volunteers. <br />Items that the Committee considers "on the drawing board" include: the <br />Fernhill Path, the Merrill path, Lupine Lane bike path and the Juan Prado to <br />Stonebrook path. Regarding the Merrill path, it was noted that at the time of <br />the subdivision review it will be determined whether the applicant or the <br />Town will be responsible for the installation of the path. <br />Chairman Gottlieb reported that the Committee is also working on <br />numerous new projects including the connector between the Lands of <br />Bellucci and the Lands of Gaither. She added that this is an exceptionally <br />beautiful and easy trail. <br />Regarding administrative issues, Gottlieb noted that the committee was <br />preparing a path map and requested direction regarding the marking of paths. <br />Council felt that only paths that were dedicated and recorded should be noted. <br />Gottlieb added that the Staff has been most diligent during the site <br />development process in acquiring new easements and not issuing building <br />permits until those easements have been recorded and the City Engineer has <br />been working with the City Attorney in acquiring previously rejected path <br />easements. <br />Mayor Tryon thanked the Committee on behalf of the City Council for their <br />ongoing work and dedication. <br />February 3, 1993 <br />Adjourned Regular Meeting <br />