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Mayor Tryon expressed her appreciation to Mr. Steiner for his report and <br />g asked him to please, on behalf of the Council, thank his Committee for their <br />�r fine work. <br />The City Manager addressed the issue of Committee project procedures and <br />budgets adding that because of the time constraint--S'bring in the Hills should <br />be reviewed first. Jones noted that the Finance Committee had recommended <br />that all Town Commissions and Committees be subject to the same financial <br />regulations and controls as the city staff. The Town is at risk as guarantor for <br />this event and procedures need to be in place to assure that there is no <br />liability problem. Council noted that this was scheduled on the agenda for <br />tonight's regular meeting . <br />Financial consultant Janice Bohman commented that the financial status <br />report the Council had before them had several changes since its preparation <br />notably: solid waste increases did not begin as expected in February and there <br />will be $20,000-30,000 less revenue than expected; the property tax shift will <br />create an additional $13,000 loss; and quotes for Public Works projects have <br />been lower than anticipated --approximately $70,000 favorable estimates. <br />Council proceeded to discuss further budgetary issues including: status of <br />capital improvement projects: projected costs for sheriff services relative to <br />the burglaries; alternative budget sources; implications of state funding <br />cutbacks; and a new format for the warrant list. <br />Regarding the Moody Road Pathway/Shoulder Reconstruction Project, the <br />City Engineer noted that the mid -year budget for this item should be changed <br />to approximately $100,000 or more due to the apparent increase in the scope of <br />work. The project is particularly difficult because of the its close proximity to <br />the creek. Peterson added that he is researching the Santa Clara Valley Water <br />District's role in the repair and determining the percentage of responsibility <br />to each jurisdiction. <br />Council discussion ensued resulting in the following action: <br />PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To direct the Town Planner to hire on an "as <br />needed basis" support help to assist in compiling and editing the Housing <br />Element. <br />PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To eliminate the purchase of new Council <br />chairs from the Operating Budget FY '92-'93 and to direct the City Manager to <br />return to the Council with costs for staff chairs in chambers and meeting <br />chairs for the Heritage House. <br />%r February 17, 1993 <br />Adjourned Regular Meeting <br />