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City Manager's Group as a source of assistance in accomplishing this goal. <br />The goal stating the monthly expenditure and revenue printouts be <br />published and distributed to the Council and City Manager should be deleted <br />and the goal stating that the quarterly financial reports be provided to the City <br />Council and the City Manager be amended to include providing the <br />expenditure and revenue printouts to the Council and City Manager on a <br />quarterly basis. In addition the quarterly financial reports should show a sub - <br />fund balance. Dauber also stated and Council agreed that if an approved <br />project is not done it is not saved money. Once a project is authorized, it is <br />money spent. Under Town Committees, the goal concerning Town Packets <br />should read: "A 'Town Packet' will be sent to all new residents." and the goal <br />regarding the S'bring in the Hills Party should read: "Organize an annual <br />community gathering - Community Relations." The goal regarding the Town <br />Float should be deleted as it is a project and not a goal and Dauber asked that <br />other participants in the Festival of Lights Parade be contacted for <br />information about their costs for joining the parade. Under Community <br />Service, Council asked that they receive updates on the building of the new <br />fire department and also requested that Rory Kaplan, the Town's <br />representative on the Community Health Awareness Council, be asked to <br />present a report to the Council on their activities. Regarding the fire <br />department Tryon reiterated her concerns about weed abatement especially in <br />the road right of ways. She believed the Fire Marshall should check all streets <br />in the Town and it was agreed the Fire Commission would send postcards to <br />all residents addressing issues of fire safety. Regarding police, Tryon <br />recommended that the Mayor receive a copy of the bail schedule. It was <br />agreed that the City Attorney's input would be requested concerning <br />exploring the use of County Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Program funding <br />for the abatement of vehicle nuisances on private property. Under Planning <br />the goal of adopting a Landscape Ordinance was deleted. Under Building <br />Inspection, Council agreed the database project would be completed. A <br />subcommittee of the Council (Hubbard and Johnson) was appointed to work <br />with staff on what information on each property should be included in the <br />database. <br />Council agreed that any comments they had on the remaining goals and <br />objectives would be submitted to the City Manager and the Mayor would <br />work with him on a draft document of goals and objectives. It was further <br />suggested that the goals and objectives be listed as major or minor. <br />3. PRESENTATIONS FROM THE FLOOR <br />f May 19, 1993 <br />v Adjourned Regular Meeting <br />